August 2010: Mark Colling

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Member Spotlights

How did you get into running and why?

I really started running because Wendy seemed to enjoy it so much, and to improve my fitness for football (which I’ve now retired from to concentrate on running!).

What kept you going when you first started running?

Everyone was really friendly, and the sessions keep everyone involved, rather than being elitist.  Cake and flapjack after every race is always an incentive as well.

How much training do you typically do?

Usually, it’s just the 2 club sessions, with either a race or a long run at the weekend.  For the marathon, I followed a schedule that had me running 5-6 times a week but I couldn’t maintain that for more than a couple of months.

Be honest, do you enjoy training?
It’s not very often that I don’t enjoy training, although I must admit to always trying to coach when it’s the 2000m rep session!!

What’s your aim for 2010?

At the start of the year, I just wanted to break 50 minutes for a 10k, which I did by quite a margin early in the year at the Mermaid.  Now, I just want to try as many different races as I can, and most importantly, to enjoy myself.

What is your favourite race/distance/terrain?
The Thunder Run will take some beating for me, but 10 mile trail races are the ones I prefer.  The Turbo X in Sheffield was great fun last year, and I’m looking forward to running/walking/crawling/wading it again in October.

What’s your idea of running heaven?

Anything different, ideally with a bit of mud, and a nice goody bag.

What’s your idea of running hell?
I won’t mention any specific races, but running 3 laps around a racetrack really doesn’t appeal to me!

Any advice to newcomers?
Remember that this is what we do for fun – it’s ok to try your hardest, but if you stop enjoying yourself, think about what your priorities are.

Best way to relax/reward yourself after a race?

What is the best part of the club in your opinion?
The people.  It doesn’t make a difference if you’re running well or if you’re struggling, you can always count on them to provide support.

Apple, Water, Banana or Mars bar in your ideal goodie bag?
I always need a drink, so it’d have to be water, although Dave T always seems to get a bottle of beer somehow!

Finally, whose going to come first in the Club Championship out of you and Wendy?

Whilst I’m ahead at the moment, I think Wendy will catch me up when she gets a few longer races under her belt as I’ve got to finish a few minutes ahead to get more points, and it’s difficult enough to beat her at all!!