Social Committee

Quakers Running Club has an elected social committee whose role is to organise and run a number of events each year for club members, and to also raise money for charity.

The purpose of the social committee is to promote an inclusive and friendly community culture outside of the running environment, by actively engaging with its members to ensure the club is seen as welcoming and friendly to members and non-members.

Events organised by the social committee include the annual club presentation night, quiz night, summer picnic and Christmas party. Some events are purely social, however most have a fundraising element to them, to allow the club the opportunity to give back to the local charitable community. See Diary Dates for more information.

As agreed at the AGM, each financial year the club selects a local charity to support for the forthcoming year. To determine the chosen charity, all members are given the opportunity (via email and social media channels) to nominate a charity to support. After allowing members time to respond, the social committee then makes a recommendation to the management committee of the charity chosen by the majority. If there is more than one charity, the management committee makes the final decision. The charity for the 2024/25 financial year is 4Louis.

In some circumstances, additional activities held on an arranged fundraising night may be undertaken so as to raise money for topical causes e.g. Children in Need.

Any club member may put their name forward at the AGM to be elected on to the social committee and all are always welcome.  In addition the events mentioned above, the Quakers Running Club Race Development Committee also organises the Lyke Wake Challenge which has a charitable element to it. Donations from the event are made to Raynet, Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team and also to Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team.