Steady Runs

Our motto

"No Quaker left behind"

Please find all training scedules including weekly details for the steady runs, which run alongside the main training sessions here Training Schedule and Steadies.

Where & When

The advertised times are when we aim to set off. Runners typically arrive at the venue anything up to 15 minutes before this time, in order to socialise, find out more about the sessions which are taking place, listen to announcements, check the club noticeboard, and so on;

Members taking part in a training session prior to competing in a race (mid-week or weekend) should seek the advice of the coach conducting the session in order to identify the most appropriate training level;

Please appreciate our coaches – without them, we wouldn’t have any training sessions!

All training sessions start from the Abbey Road Sports Field, Abbey Road, Darlington.

Please be aware that your effort in each session depends on your current training aims, level of fitness and your need to taper/recover. The coaches will be able to advise you on how many reps you should be aiming to complete. We also would like to encourage runners of all levels to take part in the sessions, including new runners.

 Non Members Trying Out The Club

If you are not a member and are coming to one of our training sessions, we ask that you fill in the following form so that we have a record of who is attending training.

Paper copies of the form are available from the coach on duty on the night.

…but we would love it if you could complete the online form here rather than the paper form!  Click here for the online version.

Click here to download the Non-Members form (PDF)

Please remember our Steady Run Etiquette

Coaching of the Steady Runs

Our club has a wide range of qualified coaches who have experience in many different distances and across many different terrains. Click here to view our Coaches page.

Coaching is organised by our our Lead Coaches. You can email for information about any of the sessions. New members are encouraged to come down and try our sessions or join a steady run group.