London Marathon Waiting List

Quakers Running Club is allocated TWO places in the London Marathon. These are assigned by way of a waiting list – club members who are unsuccessful in their application to the London Marathon are eligible to join the waiting list. New names are added to the bottom of the list, in random order chosen by ballot.

Theis is the updated London Marathon waiting list for 2024.  Richard Hughes and Anthony Corbett have been allocated the Club places for 2024.

The waiting list is open to anyone who has previously been on the list and has been unsuccessful in the ballot, or full fee paying members (who have England Athletics membership) who were also unsuccessful in the ballot.


1Sarah Watson
2Sandra Cass
3Richard Hughes
4Anthony Corbett
5Gill Colling
6Sue New
7Sharon Carr
8Phil Rutter
9Brian McLaren
10Rob Gillham
11Julie Russell
12April Corbett
13Helen Spaven
14Juliette McLaren
15Rebecca Dodd
16Mark Colling
17Paul Ryan
18Dave Murphy
19Jo Meynell
20Stephen Ash
21Darren Alderson
22David Ledgerwood
23James Atkinson
24Philippa Rayner
25Bridget Stewart
26Andrew Vernon
27Emma Joyeux
28Lou Trainor
29Diane Vaughan
30Stephen Moore
31Melissa Hird
32Simon Mulholland
33Barbara Barker
34Nigel Eddy
35Katherine Hackett
36David Stewart
37Sandra Martin
38Darren Wright
39David Nalder
40Lisa Bowerbank
41Shane Lester
42Caroline Litster
43Sue Sparrow
44Alex Looney
45Simon Metcalfe
46Diane Sparrow
47Ruth Hawkins