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9th July 2022 Lyke Wake Challenge

A great event held by Quakers Running Club. A lot of organisational work takes place for many months in the background by Anthony Corbett, Roy Macdougall with some help from April Corbett to allow us to hold this fabulous event.  Many many thanks to the amazing QRC members and some of our friends who marshalled on the day – without the commitment and dedication of these lovely people looking after the runners we simply could not hold this iconic challenge which has raised many thousands of pounds for charity.  We have had so much fantastic feedback on the Lyke Wake Facebook page, by email, verbally and direct messages which makes us proud of our volunteers and to be part of a great club.

We would like to share a few of the comments we have received.

  • This is really a message for Anthony but also to all of the wonderful marshalls/helpers at yesterday’s Lyke Wake race. We did thank marshalls as much as we could during the event and mentioned it to Anthony afterwards but really, to emphasise the point, the quality and choice of food at checkpoints was simply excellent. Often overlooked, it really is important to get food you can actually eat at the right times. Not too much early on, but rice pudding and peaches at roughly half distance sets you up perfectly for the second half. Then pizza, flap jacks, malt loaf, sausages – real food to keep you going, followed by salty crisps just when you need them. Of course, towards the end, when dehydrated, oranges and water melon is simply to die for. Having done numerous events over the years, including Lakeland 100, I really can’t recall anyone else doing it as well. So, thank you!!!
  • Firstly thankyou for a brilliant event and to all those who give up time to organise and marshal.
  • Thanks for a great event on Saturday! It was my first time doing the challenge and it’s was superbly organised. And thanks for getting the results turned around and out so fast. 5 star review!
  • Beautiful route, cracking organisation, check points superb.
  • Thank you very much to Anthony, the organisers and all the volunteers for managing to put this event on. Hats off to you all. Nice to meet everyone at the CP’s and the warm welcomes from everyone including the little helpers. Check points were superb, especially the homemade flapjacks at CP2 I think it was… Thoroughly enjoyed my first organised event and to bag 1st finisher is something I really wasn’t expecting. Well done everyone!
  • Lion Inn – Thank you so much, fantastic support. I was really looking forward to this check point and you didn’t disappoint, fantastic support
  • Fantastic day, thank you so much everyone who made it happen. All the volunteers were fantastic, and a lovely comradely atmosphere. Loved it.

We would also like to thank the marshals for their time and the snacks they provided at their checkpoints, Chia Charge for providing the goody bag flapjacks, Raven Hall for allowing us to have the finish area in their grounds, Raynet for providing the radio communication support, the Lion Inn for allowing us to have the checkpoint area, Sprinters our chosen supplier for Tshirts and first and fastest finishers plaques.

We will update when we have finalised the donations for Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team and Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team and Raynet.

We have already started planning for the 2023 challenge so if you have been inspired to volunteer next year or would like more details on how you can help please either speak to Anthony, Roy or April, email or send a direct message and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Anthony Corbett, Roy Macdougall, April Corbett


Since Quakers Running Club have taken over the administration of the Lyke Wake Crossing event  over £11,000 has been raised for these worthy causes

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