Lyke Wake Challenge

2022 Lyke Wake Challenge

The 2022 event date will be the 9th July.

Details of how to enter for 2022 will be published here shortly. We are expecting the entries will open in February.


If you are considering an entry, please read all the details provided on the entry pages carefully.


Closing Date

2019 Archive

13 July 2019

Another great event this year – biggest ever turnout !

As always, we must say many thanks to the amazing QRC members and other friends who marshalled on the day – we couldn’t do it without the 35 or so of you.

Yet again, the facebook group has been full of praise for the amazing marshals and superb organisation of the event.

From the 175 entries, 20 advised they would not make the start and another 8 didn’t turn up at the start line.   Of the 147 starters we had 13 entrants retire along the way, leaving 134 finishers, the last two beating the cut off by approx 40 seconds !.

Full results were produced by April Corbett – as were the finish photographs.

The four award winners however were :-

First Finisher (Male) and first overall –  Andrew Beane (6:54)

First Finisher (Female) –  Shelly Oyston (8:10)

Fastest Finisher (Female) – Nikki Carr (7:03)

Fastest Finisher (Male) –  Jamie Hauxwell (5:34) The 2nd fastest ever Challenge time.

July 11 2020 might be worth noting in your diary !

June 2019

Event is now full. Thank you all so much for your interest this year – let’s hope it’s another great day !

9 April 2019

A definite burst of entries recently, 95 now on the start list, a maximum of 80 places left !

26 March 2019

Entries are coming in steadily – currently 67 on the start list !

Still almost 3 months until the closing date of 23 June. Absolutely no entries will be allowed after that date (providing the 175 limit hasn’t been reached by then of course).

28 January 2019

I am pleased to confirm that entries are now available via the SiEntries website for 13 July 2019 and 25 entries have already been taken.

If you are considering an entry, please read all the details provided on the entry pages carefully.

Closing Date is 23 June or when limit of 175 entries is reached.

2018 Archive

December 2018

I am more than pleased to confirm that from the 2018 event donations of £1000 were made to both Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team and Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team..

(This means that since QRC took on the event, we have donated almost £3000 to each rescue team plus £500 to Ravenscar Village Hall and amounts to other charities, totalling over £8,000) !

15 July 2018

A warm one this year !

As always, many many thanks to the amazing QRC members who marshalled on the day, plus the other friends drafted in to help out – we simply could not do it without their commitment and dedication to looking after the runners. Yet again, the facebook group has simply been one thank you after another for the amazing marshals and organisation of the event.

From the 137 entries, only 103 made the start line !  Not sure if the heat put them off – or if injuries took hold.

Of the 103, we only had 7 retirements.

Full results were mailed out and are on the Facebook group pages thanks to April Corbett’s hard work.

The four award winners however were :-

First Finisher (Female) and first overall – Nikki Carr (7:40)

First Finisher (Male) – Jonny Milner (8:40)

Fastest Finisher (Female) – Nikki Carr (7:40)

Fastest Finisher (Male) – Jayson Cavill (5:54) 2nd fastest ever Challenge time.

8 May 2018

Event now over 50% full !

13 February 2018

Entries are coming in nicely – 42 places gone so far !

25 January 2018

The 2018 Lyke Wake Challenge will be held on Saturday 14 July.

We are pleased to confirm that entries will be open on the SiEntries website as usual, from Saturday 27 January at 11am. See below link to entry page.

If you are considering entry, please read all the details provided on the entry pages carefully.

Closing Date is 24 June or when limit of 175 entries is reached.

2017 Archive

11 July 2017

Another fabulous event put on by the Quakers Running Club – especially Anthony Corbett and Roy Macdougall !

Weather was near perfect, which helped. Many many thanks to the amazing almost 40 QRC members who marshalled on the day – we simply could not do it without their commitment and dedication to looking after the runners. Speaking of which, the facebook group has simply been one thank you after another for the amazing marshals and organisation of the event.

From the 150 entries, only 112 made the start line ! Not sure if the bogs put them off – or the training was too much and the injuries took hold.

Of the 112, we only had 4 retirements, all at the Lion Inn (Is that suspicious – pull out at the pub ??).

Full results were mailed out and are the Facebook group pages thanks to April Corbett’s hard work.

The four award winners however were :-

First Finisher (Female) and first overall – Lorna Simpkin (9:02)

First Finisher (Male) and second overall – Adrian Martin (7:09)

Fastest Finisher (Female) as normal – Shelli Gordon (7:11)

Fastest Finisher (Male) in an amazing time – Jayson Cavill (5:27)

19 June 2017

Entries now closed !  Thank you all those who have taken up the Challenge !

6 June 2017

Over 75% full. Last 40 places available. 12 days to go until all entries will close.

12 May 2017

Almost 100 entries in – limit 175 and all entries close June 18th without exception.  Come and see our lovely new finish Gazebo – all it takes is a little 40 mile or so jaunt across the moors with a few like minded runners . . . . .

4 April 2017

Over 80 entries received now, less than 100 places available with about 10 weeks until closing date.

13 March 2017

Well over a third of places now taken – currently standing at 62 entries and just over 3 months until closing date.

15 January 2017

Entries flowing steadily in – the first 30 now received.

3 January 2017

Entries for the 2017 Challenge will open on Saturday 7th January at noon. See the SiEntries website for further details and to enter the event. Entry limit is 175.

2015 Archive

September 2015

The organisers of the 2015 race are delighted to confirm that following the finalising of the accounts from the race – which was completely non-profit making – that donations of £400 each were made to Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team and Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. Both teams have responded to say how delighted they are with these donations. A further £325 was donated to two other organisations.

WOW – what a great day !!

The 2015 Lyke Wake Race seems to have been a huge success ! The feedback both on the day, via e-mail & on Facebook has been very positive. The runners especially congratulated us on the organisation of the event, the friendly helpful marshals and the wide choice of drinks and food at checkpoints – not to mention the helpful communications throughout. Also the free photographs and certificates sent out after the event.

101 competitors started, 89 finished. Fastest time for the crossing was 06:10 by both Jamie Hauxwell and Andrew Minister.

The initial results are now below.

Huge congratulations to all the runners who conquered the tough route !

Regards from Anthony, Roy and their amazing race team.

Here are the basic results from the race – once the checkpoint timesheets are collected and collated we hope to provide much more detailed results for everyone. Hopefully this will be before the end of the month. (Positions are based on run time shown).

PositionNameRace NumberRun Time

1= Jamie Hauxwell  10  06:10

1= Andrew Minister  606:10

3 Jerome McCulla37  06:23

4 Neil Ridsdale2  06:27

5 Shelli Gordon406:29

6 Richard Buckle  19   06:32

7 Stewart Mcconnell15  06:51

8 Adam Breckon307:01

9 Adrian Martin29  07:06

10 Nicholas Cousins21  07:07

11 Emma Humphries31  07:17

12 Chris Easton18  07:20

13 Simon Jones20  07:21

14 Karen Nash28  07:24

15 Matthew Capsey32  07:43

16 David Smith49  07:47

17 Michael King  16  07:57

18 David Allison87  07:58

19 = Michael Broadhead73  08:08

19 = James Fletcher  67  08:08

19 = Darren West43  08:08

22 Michael Wilson22  08:09

23 Conrad Wild23  08:11

24 Keith Westerman  42  08:15

25 Simon Bainbridge34  08:16

26 Michael Burke33  08:17

27= Michael Fish68  08:20

27= Stephen Taylor  47  08:20

29= John Fraser40  08:22

29= Anthony Wilson39  08:22

31 David Johnson81  08:23

32 Sarah Smith50  08:28

33 Alistair Edge70  08:30

34= Andrew Lilley58  08:31

34= Simon Welch44  08:31

36= Aaron Gourley63  08:33

36= Gary Thwaites46  08:33

38 Jonathan Steele35  08:37

39 Russell Charlton107  08:38

40= Alison Brind86  08:39

40= Jane Raper27  08:39

42 Boyd Brad41  08:42

43 Helen Rutherford52  08:44

44 Anthony Taylor24  08:51

45= Neil Midgley100  08:54

45= Rod Collier84  08:54

47 Andy Gamble82  09:00

48 Pamela Costello117  09:03

49 Paul Dodds  116  09:05

50= Shaun Burgess110  09:07

50= Linda Morgan-Roach98  09:07

52= Joe Williams92  09:12

52= Mark Robinson53  09:12

54 Peter Gale6609:13

55= Bob Horsman17  09:19

55= Philip Richardson14  09:19

55= Gavin Drummond71  09:19

58 Mark Gibson64  09:21

59= David Richardson7709:22

59= Peter Richardson76  09:22

61 Thomas Steele48  09:26

62 Paul Gordon115  09:29

63 David Burke109  09:31

64 Darren Wright91  09:32

65= Jane Ives90  09:36

65= Juliet Percival89  09:36

65= Owen Weightman88  09:36

65= Neil King80  09:36

65= Kenny Rae78  09:36

70 Jane Williams127  09:39

71 Paul Mettam  101  09:44

72= David Greensmith62  09:46

72= David Scott51  09:46

74 Peter Kidd102  09:52

75 Paul Mchale56  09:56

76= Ian Hunter60  09:57

76= David Wall118  09:57

78 Gill Crane129  10:03

79 Robert Nash123  10:12

80 Gareth Barnett112  10:31

81 Julian Wilton120  10:36

82= Lorraine Fraser106  10:43

82= Graham Naylor97  10:43

84 Trevor Townsend93  10:44

85= Liz Firth125  10:51

85= Andy Gibson12410:51

87 Christopher Edwards119  11:02

88 Eugene Tully128  11:19

89 Nicholas Carter130  11:30

Comments received include

Thanks to the organisers, marshals and volunteers, this was a fantastic race.”

“Excellent job guys. Really well organised and super friendly marshals.”

“Excellent work guys. 4th Lyke Wake. Easily the best organised and friendliest of the 4. Huge well done Quakers”

“Thanks to all involved in the organising of the race. The checkpoint helpers were brilliant”

“Great day, made extra special by the organisation and the friendliness of all the helpers. See you next year.”

“Definitely the best Lyke Wake I’ve run. Well done to the organisers and thanks to the fantastic Quaker volunteers (and friends)”

2016 Archive

December 2016

Good news – the Trail Running Association permit has been granted for the 2017 event.  This will be held on 8th July 2017 and entries are due to open early January on SiEntries website.

Update will appear here and the Lyke Wake Challenge Facebook page when entries open.

31 August 2016

Following on from the two donations announced in the previous entry below and the finalising of the accounts for this year’s Challenge, I am proud to be able to announce that we will be making a donation of £780.00 to Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team and £780.00 to Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (these are the two teams whose catchment area includes the Lyke Wake route.)

A massive thank you to all involved in the event – everyone should be very proud of this achievement.

Update – 22 July 2016

Pleased to announce that the first two charity donations have been made from the money made by the event.

We have sent £125.00 to Ravenscar Village Hall to help with their running fees (as a thank you for disrupting their village a little) and £2 per runner, totalling £222.00, to RAYNET, the volunteer communications people as a thank you for their hard work on the day.

The two bigger charity donations will be finalised in the next couple of weeks when all the accounts are settled.

Update – 13 July 2016 – Podium Results

Here are the podium results, others will be posted here and e-mailed later this week.


1. Ben Hamilton-  6:06

2. David Sands-  6:11

3. Neil Ridsdale-  6:39

First Finisher: Paul Havis


1. Shelli Gordon-  6:58

2. Kath Aspin-  7:25

3. Emma Humphries-  8:00

First Finisher : Vicki Howe

Update – 11 July 2016

So, another amazing event is over !   Initial data indicates only 7 people who started did not finish – despite the fog, the rain, the underfoot conditions and the distance. I am seriously impressed with the determination shown on the day.  Challenge it was called and a challenge it was.

The organisers and marshals were fabulous – so many positive comments being received by e-mail and social media with nothing but praise. I am so proud of them all.

Initial results have appeared in the Facebook group and will be on here within the next few days.  Full results with splits will also be e-mailed out within a few days of them being collated from the 7 checkpoints and finish.

However, everyone who completed the Challenge won in my view.

Once the final invoices have been paid and the accounts settled, we will advise the total raised for charity – I’m betting it will exceed last year’s £1,125 !

Update – 21 June 2016

And Closed !  Thanks for all your support – over 140 people have entered the event. Things will move on at pace over the next 2½ weeks to ensure a fabulous day.  Good Luck everyone involved – running, supporting, marshalling, organising and directing.

Update – 14 June 2016

Final week until entries close.  If you’re still thinking of entering, don’t leave it too long as we’d hate you to be disappointed by missing the deadline. 133 of you have entered so far.

And great news, Tim at Chia Charge has given us a sample chia charge flapjack for all you entrants too ! Yummy !

Update – 27 May 2016

Now over 100 entries received – actually 114 to date, 61 places left.  Three weeks to get any more entries in as they close 19th June – No late entries accepted !

First marshals meeting has taken place and behind the scenes discussions, meetings, purchases and orders are taking place !  All going well on the organisation front at the moment.  And remember, the more entries we have, the bigger the surplus monies that we can give to charity !

Update – 9 April 2016

Less than 100 places left, just over 2 months before entries close.

Update – 16 March 2016

Entries have now been open for a month and I’m pleased to report that just over a third of available places have been filled. Those of you sitting thinking about entering need to keep an eye on numbers over the coming few weeks – just in case !

I am absolutely overjoyed to report that the club have come up trumps again – more than enough members have volunteered to fill every marshal position on the course, and that’s a lot as you will see if you compete ! – Well done guys and gals !

Update – 23 February 2016

The Quakers Running Club is pleased to announce the 2016 Lyke Wake Challenge will be held on 9 July.  This will be a time handicapped point to point run from the Lyke Wake Walk stone near Osmotherley to Ravenscar with a maximum 12 hour limit.

Details and on-line entries are now available on the Si Entries website.

The link to the website is here –

The entry limit this year has been set at 175 runners.

Race registration is in the small car park at Sheepwash (just after Codbeck reservoir outside Osmotherley) and there are seven checkpoints, before the finish at the Raven Hall Hotel in Ravenscar.

The co-ordinates for the start, finish and checkpoints in between are as follows :-

Sheepwash – SE467992 (Start)

Carlton Bank – NZ523030 (CP1)

Clay Bank – NZ573033 (CP2)

Lion Inn – SE679997 (CP3)

Hamer – SE744995 (CP4)

Stape – SE804983 (CP5)

Ellerbeck – SE856982 (CP6)

Jugger Howe – NZ945003 (CP7)

Raven Hall – NZ981017 (Finish)

Entrants are advised that as a safety measure, there is a mandatory kit list which is shown on the race entry page. Anyone without this kit will not be allowed to start the race.

Also to be aware this race starts and finishes at different villages many miles apart and unfortunately no transport is provided from the finish.

A dedicated email address of exists to answer any queries that are not obvious from the SiEntries website page. Also, a Facebook group, Lyke Wake Challenge,  has been created for discussions.

This is a non-profit making event, so all monies raised after expenses will be donated to charity – mostly split between the two mountain rescue teams covering the Lyke Wake Walk route.

We would also like to thank the Raven Hall Hotel in Ravenscar for the use of their land to create the finish area and allowing parking for the supporters.

Likewise the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge for the land to create the main checkpoint at half-way and our general abuse of their facilities.


Anthony, Roy and the Race Committee.