May 2011: Ian Hammond

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Member Spotlights

How did you get into running and why?

Wanted to loose a bit of weight so started running, entered the Great North Run in 2004 and to help me with the training joined the Quakers running club

What kept you going when you first started running?

The friendliness of the club and entering races as a challenge to keep running 

Tell us about some of the races you have done in the past?

Allsorts 5k time trails in Middlesbrough Albert Park and Darlington South Park

Tees Forrest Trail races,

 Fell races in the Cleveland Hills

 X Country series

Cleveland Relay,

10ks Darlo, Raby, Richmond, Middlesbrough, Mermaid, Aycliffe, Croft, Tees Barrage to name a few

Half Marathons – Redcar, Burn Valley, Brass Monkey, Blackpool. 

Marathons, London, Edinburgh and 2 on the club trip Somme and Flanders

Also Triathlons and recently first Aquathon (swim then run)

How much training do you typically do?

Not enough about 3 to 4 times a week

Be honest, do you enjoy training?

Yes always enjoy training

What is your current raining aim?

Do as well as I can at 10k s

Get round Lyke Wake Challenge (40 odd miles in 12 hours)

Thunderun 24hours running in a relay team of 5 people

Keep Fit and injury free

What is your favourite race / distance / terrain?

The shorter the better – probably 10ks but do like to do new challenges each year to keep training interesting.

What race performance are you most proud of

London Marathon in 2006 (did it in 4hrs 8 Mins)

What race would you have to be forced to do at gunpoint?

3 come to mind

Great North Run

Richmond 10k

Blaydon Races

Whats your idea of running heaven

The finish line

What’s your idea of running hell?

Getting beat of Jackie in last years Marathon

Any advice to newcomers?

Try getting a training buddy – someone similar speed and train together. Also get yourself entered in some races – don’t be afraid to race. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy running. Make sure you take your rest / recovery days.

What do you think is the best route into racing for newcomers?

Start off with 5 and 10ks for the first year; don’t be afraid to go off road to make training a bit different. Build up to 13 miles and Marathons when you feel ready.

 You’ve done a lot of different varied races what is your favourite type of race

I always enjoy racing in the countryside – with a couple of hills in so here is my top 10 races to do

1 James Herriott (on the bus)

2 Allendale 8 (on the bus)

3 Burn Valley Half

4James Herriott 14k (on the bus)

5 Brass Monkey (on the bus)

6 Thirsk 10 miles

7 Durham Dales

8 Cleveland relay

9 Kilburn 7

10 Hawood House 10 miles

What is the best part of the club in your opinion?

The social side – trips to the pub/s after a run

Best way to relax / reward yourself after a race

Beer Beer Beer

Apple, water, Banana or Mars bar in your ideal goodie bag

Not bothered but like Hawood House run as you get a bottle of the local brew.