5k Handicap

The club 5k handicap is a monthly competition based on member’s performances at a parkrun.

Each person is allocated a handicap based on previous performance at the parkrun of their choice.

It is a free competition, open to all members and which you can join in at any point during the year. However you do need to register to take part.

The 5k handicap is organised and managed by Ian Bond 


2022 5K Handicap Results

2021 5K Handicap Results


  • You get points for competing in a parkrun of your choosing on the first Saturday of each month. Your best 9 performances throughout the year count towards your final score.
  • Whichever parkrun you choose, you must have taken part in it at least three times. This is so as to try and give everyone as fair a handicap as possible, so it is expected that on at least one of those three runs you were trying quite hard.
  • Your baseline handicap is your best age graded score for the previous five years at your chosen parkrun.
  • You keep the same baseline handicap for the whole year unless you improve on your baseline handicap in any of the first four rounds (January- April) in which case that becomes your handicap for the later rounds. This is to prevent new runners from having too great an advantage.
  • Points are allocated depending on how well you do against your age graded compared to how well everyone else does against their age graded on that day. So, for example if you are two minutes down but everyone else is more than two minutes down, then you get the 100 points)


If you would like to take part in the competition and haven’t done so already then you just need to contact Ian Bond with your name and which parkrun you want to take part at.