March 2010: Anthony Corbett

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Member Spotlights

 How did you get into running and why?

Injured a shoulder doing Boxercise and didn’t want to waste my gym membership while it healed – so moved onto the treadmills !

What kept you going when you first started running?

Joined Quakers almost straight after that with Richie Payne who I work withand found it more fun outdoors. Then my times started to improve and my competitive streak kicked in. April did a Race for Life and I was jealous so found my first race at Castle Howard – the rest is history.

How much training do you typically do?

Very little – probably once a week on average – but I do average more than a race a week too over the year.

Be honest, do you enjoy training?

Depends on the session !

What is your favourite race/distance?

Swaledale Marathon – 24 miles, 4000ft of climbing, very difficult but a great sense of achivement, I’ve done 4 now. No distance preference, but 10 milers are usually my limit.

What’s your idea of running heaven?

Finishing ? Seriously I guess North York Moors or Forest Trails.

What’s your idea of running hell?

Multilap road races, such as Aycliffe and even Darlo.

Any advice to newcomers?

Don’t give up – and get the right shoes, it makes such a difference.

How do you prepare for a race?

Kit ready the night before, porridge for breakfast and get there early – I get really wound up if I’m rushed when I arrive at a race.

Was there any one at the club who was a big help when you first joined?

Larry Gannon – former coach was great plus too many runners to name.

Best way to relax/reward yourself after a race – other than the pub?

Other than the pub ? Nothing particularly.

You organise and manage the club championship, how does it make you feel seeing so many Quakers, at so many races, because of something you organise?

I get real pleasure from exactly that – for example James Herriott trail race averaged 2 Quakers before being in the championship, this year there was 25 ! The same with many other races. Also getting people out trying the trail and fell races because of the championship points is great. Plus it really boosts the club profile.

Which far flung corner of the world are you planning on sending us next year in the championship?

I couldn’t possibly give you any hints 😉

Apple, Banana or Mars bar in your ideal goodie bag?

After a race – A Mars Bar, otherwise I have an apple most days.