Quakers Lockdown Challenges (Yes, there’s more!)

by | May 3, 2020 | Corona

Standing Long Jump

I have to say that the Standing Long Jump Challenge wasn’t the highest field ever for a sporting event but it was pretty competitive and, according to some participants a little addictive.  Well done to everybody who had a go, the results are below.  Top place, by a good heel, was Darren Alderson but also getting over the magic 2m mark and also in the over 50s club, was Anthony Corbett.  A little known fact is that both were long jumpers in their youth and if we could just get them to give up this long distance nonsense in favour of track and field they should threaten a few club records.  Also a big shout out to Phil Clarke’s granddaughters, aged just 5 and 7, who showed real promise.

I’m guessing that seeing the results might prompt a few others to have a go and those who have had a go to try and improve, so we’ll keep this competition open for whoever wants to have a go and produce an updated league table for the newsletter once a month.

Name Age Metres
Darren Alderson M50 2.17
Anthony Corbett M50 2.05
Tom Chapman M45 1.93
Paul Roberts M55 1.83
Phil Clarke M65 1.76
Helen Clarke F40 1.57
Phil’s grand daughter Annabel 7 1.44
April Corbett F50 1.33
Lou Trainor F50 1.30
Jenn Hardy M35 1.25
Phil’s grand daughter Charlotte 5 1.07

Mile handicap

Seeing as we are by far and away more a running club than a jumping club I expect that a running-based lockdown challenge might prove a more attractive option.  The next challenge then is to run a mile time trial during your exercise break.  In order to make it fair for everybody, it will be a handicap with the results of everyone’s mile time being expressed as a percentage of their 5km time.  To take part, all you need to do is to run a mile, whether as measured by your Garmin (I believe other devices are available and if you haven’t got one you can measure out a mile on Google Earth).  You can also do this on a treadmill if you prefer.  To make it fair, try to make sure that the finish is not noticeably lower than the start so that it’s not downhill.   Send in your mile time along with your best 5km or parkrun time from the past five years to 5k@quakersrunningclub.org.uk or post it on the Quakers Members Facebook page and I will work out the result based on your 5km divided by your mile time.  We’ll give everyone a couple of weeks to do this in, so get your attempt (or attempts, as you can have more than one go but best not to try and do this more than once a week) to me by Monday 11th May and I’ll put them in the following newsletter.

Core challenge

Because you know you need to be working on your core.  This is just a bit of advance warning as you might want to start practising and strengthening your core for this one, so after the mile handicap challenge the next challenge will be the number of push ups you do in one minute.