QRC Quiz Week 2

by | Apr 11, 2020 | Corona

This week’s quiz is a sequences round – can you work out what comes fourth in each sequence? Some are easy, some you’ll know the connection but may not know what comes fourth, and there’s a couple of hard ones too. Answers will be out this time next week again.

Click on the link below. The .pdf can be saved and printed.

QRC Quiz 2 Sequences

The answers to last week’s picture quiz – “Where was Karen?” were as follows. Best answer of the week went to Roy Macdougall who said “obviously behind the camera”!

  1. Fountains 10K (at the top of the famous hill of pain)
  2. Either the Gavin Duffy 5K or Absent Friends 5 mile at Cowpen Bewley
  3. Either the Mermaid or Everyone Active 10K’s (the large grass area in the background was the giveaway it wasn’t the 5K’s)
  4. Aycliffe 10K
  5. Hartlepool Marina 5 mile
  6. Either the 10 or 20 mile races at Locke Park
  7. Kirkbymoorside 10K
  8. Richmond Castle 10K (at last year’s new finish)
  9. Northallerton 10K
  10. Mulgrave Castle 10K (Karen snapping Caroline just at the point she sees the awful hill yet to come)
  11. Auckland Castle 5 mile
  12. Richmond XC
  13. Middlesbrough 10K
  14. Redcar half marathon (the tall seafront buildings were the giveaway)
  15. South Park 20 mile (the easiest one of the lot!)