QRC Quiz 2020 – Round 1 – The Picture Round

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Corona

As it looks like we might not get to have our annual quiz this year, it’s coming online instead over the next few weekends to keep you entertained! It’ll be a mixture of questions, pictures and other things, some running related, some not. Part 1 is attached, the answers will be out this time next week when part 2 goes out. They’ll also be on Facebook shortly after the newsletter goes out too.

Part 1 is the imaginatively titled “Where was Karen?” – see if you can work out which race Karen was taking pictures of you at the finish line. These are all local races so you may well have done quite a few of them. It may look hard at first but there are a few hints such as the terrain, the background, even the weather! There are three pictures where more than one answer is acceptable as multiple races take place at the pictured venue.


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