Press Report w/e 29/04/2018

by | May 2, 2018 | Press Reports

There were plenty of points on offer last week with both league and championship races featuring on the calendar.

Gareth Kyle looks happy to have conquered the “hill of pain” at Fountains!

The latest league race, the Fountains 10K, took place near Ripon, featuring the famous puddle and hill of pain. Over the undulating multi-terrain route, Paul Dalton finished in ninth place overall in 39:55 (and third in his age category), followed by Dave Jones (41:07), Rob Dent (41:47), James Atkinson (42:53), David Matthew (43:41), Andrew Vernon (44:55), Mike Brown (45:40), Gareth Kyle (46:07), Rob Gillham (50:44), David Ledgerwood (53:06), Viv Hardwick (54:45), Darren Alderson (56:24), Juliette Mclaren (56:45), Andy Whittam (1:01:12), Rebecca Bowes (1:01:30), Nicola Thompson (1:03:07), Helen Whiting (1:04:32), Sarah Watson (1:04:41), Helen Spaven (1:06:39), Alison Hardwick (1:07:24), Lucy Bendle (1:09:30), Lisa Alderson (1:11:15) and Lee Morris, Gemma Marshall, Tristen Coad, Olly Moore and Tracey Plaskitt who all crossed the line together in 1:15:17.

Three events took place simultaneously on the Wednesday evening. The latest championship race was over on the coast at Marske, the Spring Coast Road 5K. Michael Joyeux finished in third place overall in 16:30 followed by Marc Ellis (17:52), Darren Wright (18:59), Brian Martin (19:11 and first in his age category), Chris Minto (20:15), Brian McLaren (21:25), Rob Gillham (22:25), Andrew Dixon (22:31), Simon Rek (22:46), David Ledgerwood (24:14), Julie Whinn (24:52), Juliette McLaren (25:35), Sandra Martin (25:35, PB), Michelle Scruby (27:45), John Whinn (27:55), Sally Singleton (30:01), Rebecca Stirland (32:00) and Lisa Alderson (32:28).

The second of the Darlington Trail Series runs took place around the Baydale Beck, which saw two Quakers finishing in the top ten. Luke Minall completed the 5K route in 21:21 (and in sixth place overall) along with Daniel Orton (22:28 and in tenth place overall), Steve Howell (23:51), Julie Russell (24:33 and third in her age category), Billy Harris (25:09), Ian Hart (25:20), John McGrath (25:29), Gillian Harris (25:47), Paul Hutchinson (27:03), Matt Jackson (28:56), Emily Beaumont (29:00), Hannah Alderson (29:05), Lisa Reeve (29:16),  Helen Clarke (29:24), Karen Dove (37:13), Fiona Dixon (37:14) and Clare McGrath (38:41).

This year’s Neptune Relays were held once again at Hardwick Park, Sedgefield, where teams of four each completed a 1.7 mile leg around the park. The quartet of Jeff Marriott, Rebecca Howard, Rob Dent and Adrian Colbourne finished in 45:39, just ahead of Ian Readman, Sue New, Michael Johnston and Graham Park in 46:23.

The second of the Hardmoors trail series took place over at the Wainstones, where all races took in circular routes starting from Chop Gate. In the half marathon distance, Fiona Dixon and Karen Dove went round together in 4 hours 38 minutes, while in the 10K, Andrew Jordan  finished in 1:58:10 along with Caroline Litster (2:24:53), Nichola Jordan (2:24:57), Lisa Jenkins (2:35:04), Lewis Boshier (2:35:12), Michelle Dale (2:35:20), Michelle Boshier (2:35:51) and Sally Watson (2:39:29).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux finished at South Park in 20:46 followed by Adrian Cottam (20:51), Ed Griffiths (21:28), Diane Vaughan (21:59), Adrian Colbourne (22:38), Anna Hardy (23:06), Dave Jones (23:07), Francis Connolly (23:54), Nikki Thompson (23:55), Peter Rowley (24:37), Danny Gordon (26:17), Lisa Reeve (26:26), Ian Hamond (26:37), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:07), Stuart Burkin (27:37), Julie Bell (27:39), Olly Moore (27:45), Sally Singleton (30:26), Ally Sanderson (30:34), Michael King (30:38), Kelly Smith (30:57), James Simpson (31:27), Grainne Duffy (31:27), Bridget Stewart (35:24), Victoria Holmes (35:53), Lucy Bendle (36:33) and Suzanne Jenkinson (40:29).

There was a large turnout at Catterick where Michael Kipling finished in 19:56 along with Gareth Kyle (20:24), Dan Rowlands (20:38), Andrew Vernon (21:46), Fred Tennant (21:48), Steven Major (21:54), Daniel Orton (21:58), Phil Rutter (22:04), Ian Hart (23:54), David Ledgerwood (24:08), John Mcgrath (24:10), Malcolm Hewitson (24:18), Mark Trowles (24:53), Gavin Armstrong (26:16), Mark Blewitt (26:29), Darren Alderson (26:34), Michael Watson (26:53), Hannah Alderson (26:53), Margaret Hunter (27:34), Gill Colling (27:45), Gillian Cowton (28:17), Jo Dickinson (28:21), Luke Minall (28:22), Sarah Watson (31:16), Lisa Alderson (31:28, PB), Clare Mcgrath (36:15), Dawn Johnston (37:59) and Phill Johnston (38:01).

At Sedgefield, Jeff Marriott and Richard Payne ran there in 27:25 and 29:38 respectively, Paul Dalton finished at Hackworth in 26:10, Michelle Scruby did the Hartlepool run in 28:28, Anthony Corbett completed the Flatts Lane run in 28:06, while Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 24:07. At Penrith, Graham Park and Sue New finished in 22:19 and 28:49 respectively, Helen Spaven did the New Earswick run in York in 32:38, Rebecca Howard ran at Oxford in 22:59, David Stewart completed the Bushy run in London in 37:00, while at Eastbourne, Alec Cinamon finished in 29:37.