Press Report w/e 22/04/2018

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Press Reports

All eyes turned to the capital last weekend, as several Quakers headed down south to compete in what turned out to be the hottest London Marathon on record.

Claire Chapman smiling her way into the finish at South Park

In fairly brutal conditions for completing the distance, Paul Dalton covered the 26.2 miles in 3:28:07, coming in just eleven seconds ahead of Katherine Hackett. They were followed into The Mall by Diane Vaughan (4:10:32), Bridget Stewart (4:29:21), Michael Oliver (4:40:20), Gary Read (4:50:14), Stephen Ash (5:01:24), Mark Colling (5:20:25), Lena Rusa (5:32:47), Mark Ladyman (5:50:11), Paul Ryan (5:52:14) and Emma Joyeux (6:10:23).

Nearer to home, most other runners headed off-road. At the Hamsterley Forest 10K, Luke Minall finished in seventh place in 42:18 along with Daniel Orton (48:04), Julie Russell (51:58) and Wendy Thompson (1:15:45).

Meanwhile at the Washington Trail 10K, which took in a route along the River Wear, Anna Hardy covered the distance in 59:13 followed by Fiona Dixon and Karen Dove who went round together in 1:23:13.

Midweek had seen the first race in the Tees Trail Summer 5K series over at Newham Grange Farm. John McGrath finished in 24:00 along with Jamie Pratt (25:16), Abbie Hull (25:18), Paul Hutchinson (26:04), Richard Payne (27:09), Tracey Plaskitt (28:28) and Lisa Jenkins (29:08).

The start of the week had seen the first of this year’s NYSD Track and Field series at Eastbourne, where four club records were set and another equalled. In the 1500m, Dave Jones set a new club record, finishing in 5.03, with Rob Dent in 5:15 and Andrew Dixon in 5:53. In the 200m, Paul Roberts clocked 30.5s, Dave Jones 30.8s (to set a new club record), Chris Minto 31.3s (to equal the existing club record) and Andrew Dixon in 35.4s. Out on the field, Paul Roberts and Rob Dent both broke their existing club records in the javelin, throwing 21.53m and 12.51m respectively, while in the high jump, Paul Roberts cleared 1.20m

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:36 followed by James Atkinson (18:44), Rob Dent (19:17), John Whitaker (20:51), Adrian Cottam (20:54), Ed Griffiths (20:56), Tom Chapman (20:59), David Whittle (22:29), Rob Gillham (23:05), Ian Hart (23:06), Ricki Hotton (23:07), Billy Harris (24:18), Claire Chapman (24:30), Peter Rowley (24:36), Mark Trowles (25:12), Danny Gordon (26:14), Jo Dickinson (27:22), Lisa Reeve (27:33), Brian Dixon (27:43), Hannah Alderson (27:47), Kathryn Plant (27:59), John Whinn (28:30), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:34), Chris Land (28:52), Jamie Pratt (28:57), Gavin Armstrong (28:58), Michelle Scruby (29:37), Julie Whinn (29:39), Nikki Thompson (29:43), Sally Singleton (30:22), Lucy Bendle (32:01), Dawn Johnston (32:48), Phill Johnston (32:49 in his 50th parkrun), Gillian Cowton (33:24), Lee Morris (34:14), Ally Sanderson (34:36), Grainne Duffy (35:33), Clare Mcgrath (35:53), Helen Spaven (35:54), Naomi Dixon (36:14), Andy Walker (38:50), Suzanne Jenkinson (41:15) and Judith Russell(41:26).

At Durham, Gemma Marshall and Olly Moore finished in 32:06 and 32:14 respectively, Phil Clarke ran at Catterick in 24:25, while Paul Hutchinson did the Hackworth run in 27:57. At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson finished in 23:57 along with Lewis Boshier (25:35), Michelle Boshier (25:35) and Sally Watson (38:20), while at Tees Barrage, Helen Clark ran there in 27:03 with Emily Beaumont (27:35) and Colin Smith (29:42).

Down in London, at the Fulham Palace run, Phil Rutter finished in 22:15 followed by Anthony Corbett (26:18), Sandra Cass (28:17), Wendy Colling (28:18), April Corbett (28:19) and Gill Colling (29:34). Paul Dalton and Clare Stradling did the Mile End run in 19:54 and 27:41 respectively, Lucia Minto ran at Crystal Palace in 23:57 and David Stewart finished the Bushy run in 37:39.