Press Report w/e 06/05/2018

by | May 8, 2018 | Press Reports

While most runners either went in search of points or travelled to the Lake District, one Quaker got to wear a vest of a different colour at the weekend.

A smiling Lucy Bendle flying downhill into the finish at Kirkbymoorside

The latest 10K league race took place at Kirkbymoorside, where the afternoon start wasn’t exactly ideal given the temperatures. Paul Dalton completed the uphill out and downhill back course in 40:18 (and third in his age category), followed by David Matthew (44:12), Mike Brown (45:52), Adrian Colbourne (46:27), Brian Mclaren (46:36), Luke Minall (47:04), Ty Hankinson (49:22), Rob Gillham (49:54), Michael Oliver (51:30), Ed Griffiths (54:31), David Ledgerwood (55:39), Juliette Mclaren (59:50), Paul Reid (1:00:11), Darren Alderson (1:02:17), Grainne Duffy (1:03:28), Lucy Bendle (1:05:53), Chris Land (1:10:01), Lisa Alderson (1:13:57), Terri Hankinson (1:14:56), Dawn Johnston (1:22:33) and Lee Morris (1:22:34).

A large group headed over to Keswick for the half marathon event taking place there. On a route which included a circumnavigation of Derwentwater, Tom Chapman completed the 13.1 miles in 1:47:49 along with John Whitaker (2:07:00), Claire Chapman (2:15:23), Sandra Cass (2:16:18), Helen Clark (2:18:39), Janet Bowlby (2:26:31), Emma Bland (2:26:34), Claire Norman (2:33:02), Emily Beaumont (2:33:29), Lisa Jenkins (2:47:07), Sarah Bayles (2:51:26), Michelle Boshier (3:09:31), Claire Hewitt (3:09:31), Sally Watson (3:09:31) and Karen Dove (3:10:54).

Another race taking place over in the Lake District, was the Kentmere trail race. Over a 17K route in the southern Lakeland fells, Adrian Gooding finished in 1:41:17 along with Rebecca Howard in 2:27:04.

Also in the national park were Annette Clarke and Dave Thompson, who were taking part in the twentieth anniversary running of the Great Lakeland three days event, where runners are only notified of the route the night before. Over 56 miles and 20,000 feet of climb, the pair finished together in 24 hours 39 minutes.

Two headed down to the Midlands for the Birmingham 10K. Brian Martin got to wear the England vest for the occasion, as the race was an age group masters event. He finished in 39:53, coming fifth in his age group and the third England runner to finish, while Sandra Martin came home in 56:22.

Malcolm Hewitson was out on three occasions in the last week, once on the fells and twice in the woods. He completed the Gribdale Growler fell race near Great Ayton, which covered 9.2K in 1:00:02. In the two orienteering/running events taking place last week, he finished the event up at Coatham Woods, covering 3.8K in 35:50, and the event at Bishop Auckland Park, covering 4.4K in 50:17.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 17:52 followed by Rob Dent (19:21), Neil Gooding (19:49), Chris Minto (20:08), Phil Rutter (21:42), Steve Howell (22:40), Ed Griffiths (23:08), Julie Russell (23:09), Rob Gillham (23:16), Ian Bond (23:27), Mark Trowles (25:02), Stuart Burkin (25:11), Danny Gordon (25:14), Gary Read (25:33), Julie Whinn (25:43), Lisa Reeve (26:03), Steven Major (26:04), Andrew Vernon (26:55), Julie Bell (27:01), Helen Clarke (27:36), Alec Cinamon (29:07), John Mcgrath (29:13), Nikki Thompson (29:33), Michelle Scruby (29:54), Janette Croft (30:04), Philippa Rayner (30:16), Sarah Watson (32:06), Michael King (32:12), Lisa Alderson (32:12), Ally Sanderson (32:13), Kelly Smith (32:54), Barbra Barker (33:54), Clare Dixon (34:22), Andrew Dixon (34:22), Clare Mcgrath (34:52), Anna Hardy (34:53), Phill Johnston (34:54), Dawn Johnston (34:55), Gillian Harris (34:57), Rachel Maddison (36:24), Naomi Dixon (36:52), Wendy Thompson (36:53), Suzanne Jenkinson (41:53) and Malcolm Hewitson (52:58).

At Tees Barrage, Ian Hart finished in 24:32 along with Michael Watson (26:23), Hannah Alderson (28:06), Helen Clark (34:48) and Emily Beaumont (35:37), while at Sedgefield, Jeff Marriott completed the run there in 26:11 followed by Wendy Colling (26:15), Mark Colling (27:18), Rebecca Dodd (29:05) and Gill Wallis (34:24). At Fountains Abbey, Nicola Wells and Anthony Corbett ran there in 23:30 and 26:31 respectively, Diane Vaughan ran at Newcastle in 22:09, and Claire Chapman did the Keswick run in 27:27. Further afield, Phil Clarke ran at Milton Keynes in 28:33, Brian Dixon ran at Chelmsford in 27:19 and David Stewart did the Bushy run in London in 34:03.