Press Report w/e 28/01/2018

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Press Reports

While most runners headed off-road last week, one Quaker at least managed to find a run in the sun.

James Atkinson on one of the few mud-free sections at Harewood House!

The Northern Cross Country Championships took place in the hilly and muddy grounds of Harewood House near Leeds. Louise Trainor and Rebecca Howard ran in the women’s race, completing the two-lap 8K distance in 40:17 and 41:47 respectively. In the men’s race which covered 12K over two laps, James Atkinson finished in 54:01 followed by Rob Dent (56:45), Michael Thompson (57:52), Graham Park (1:07:10) and David Ledgerwood (1:10:45).

Louise Trainor then doubled up for the weekend by running the Ferriby 10 mile race near Hull the next day, finishing in 1:13:11 to also come second in her age category.

At the rearranged Tees Trail 5K race held over at Wynyard, Neil Gooding completed the one-lap route around the woodland in 20:51 along with Anthony Corbett in 28:34 and Matt Jackson in 30:10.

Flying the flag overseas was Dave Thompson who did the Funchal marathon on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Covering seven laps of two different circuits on the only flat part of the island, he finished in 3:46:57 and also first in his age category.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:36 followed by Brian Martin (19:31), Adrian Cottam (20:50), Chris Minto (21:39), Tom Chapman (21:45), David Mclachlan (22:10), Ed Griffiths (23:39), Josephine Wardle (23:49), Rob Gillham (24:07), Sheryl Dolan (24:16), Dave Murphy (24:22), Dan Rowlands (25:03), Gary Read (25:12), Ian Hamond (25:15), Ian Hart (25:25), Danny Gordon (25:33), Gavin Armstrong (25:50), Mark Trowles (26:35), Claire Chapman (26:43), Julie Whinn (26:56), Juliette Mclaren (27:21), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:22), Julie Bell (28:26), John Whinn (28:52), Michael Watson (29:25), Hannah Alderson (29:33), Chris Land (30:45), Fiona Dixon (30:49), Philippa Rayner (31:01), Mark Johnston (32:00), Clare Mcgrath (33:54), Phill Johnston (33:55), Emma Joyeux (34:02), Rachel Grayson (34:17), Sarah Bayles (34:55), Peter Cowan (35:20), Michael King (35:31), Andy Walker (35:57), Wendy Thompson (37:34), Dawn Johnston (37:35), Lee Morris (37:44), Helen Cowan (39:15), Lucy Bendle (40:19), Judith Russell (40:20) and Michelle Dale (49:17).

At Sedgefield, Adrian Colbourne finished in 21:39 along with Phil Rutter (23:24), Abbie Hull (25:56), Jeff Marriott (26:24), Jamie Pratt (26:44), Darren Alderson (27:52), Gill Colling (29:30), Richard Payne (29:34), Helen Spaven (30:06), Anna Hardy (30:24), Michelle Scruby (32:01), Sally Watson (34:23), Lisa Alderson (34:45) and Gill Wallis (35:33). At Tees Barrage, Gareth Kyle ran in 21:59 along with Anthony Corbett (27:37), Gemma Marshall (35:44) and Olly Moore (35:51), Stephen Moore did the Albert Park run in 23:43, Jo Dickinson ran at Stewart Park in 30:03 and Peter Rowley finished at Catterick in 27:15. Malcolm & Carolyn Hewitson ran at Durham in 24:31 and 36:53 respectively, Paul Dalton did the Gateshead run in 20:34 while at Keswick, Stacey Holmes finished in 41:09.