Press Report w/e 24/03/2019

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Press Reports

Quakers were scattered across the country once again, with some even running through the night.

A cheery Gill Wallis heads round a sunny Ropner Park

The biggest turnout was over at Kielder for the Dark Skies event, starting at teatime and where runners had a choice of either 14 or 26.5 miles. Over the longer distance, Tom Chapman finished in 4:53:14 followed by Claire Chapman (4:53:25), Helen Clark (5:06:34), Gillian Harris (5:37:22), Billy Harris (5:37:24), Angela Clement (5:41:24) and Jo Meynell (5:41:33). In the shorter distance, Adrian Colbourne finished in 2:15:23 followed by Lisa Jenkins (3:02:40), Andrew Dixon (3:02:43) and Susan Rigg (3:23:11).

At the East Hull 20 mile race, Dawn Richardson completed the fairly flat countryside route in 2:24:46 (and third in her age category) along with Louise Trainor in 2:33:26.

Three headed down to Dishforth for the 10K race being held in the grounds of the aerodrome. Paul Dalton completed the flat route in tenth place overall in 37:10 (and second in his age category), with Diane Vaughan in 46:12 (and third in her age category) and Richard Hughes (53:02).

At the sixth and final race in the Tees Trail Winter 5K series held at Ropner Park, Alec Cinamon finished the three lap route in 33:56, just ahead of Gill Wallis in 34:16.

Down in the capital, Brian and Gillian Cowton did the London Landmarks half marathon, completing the 13.1 mile route together in 2:11:52.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Mike Kipling finished at South Park in 18:33 followed by Dave Jones (18:53), Rob Dent (19:20), Michael Joyeux (20:06), David Matthew (20:16), Steve Howell (21:25), Adrian Cottam (21:26), David Whittle (22:32), Thomas Gannaway (22:49), Julie Whinn (24:45), Rob Gillham (26:27), Danny Gordon (26:28), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:42), Ginny Gannaway (26:42), Martin Mcgregor (26:58), Chris Land (28:07), Mark Trowles (29:14), Ashleigh Atkinson (30:10), Paul Ryan (32:26), Emma Joyeux (32:27), Peter Cowan (35:50), Helen Cowan (36:42) and Naomi Dixon (39:16).

At Hackworth, Phil Rutter finished in 22:36 along with Dan Rowlands (23:49), Fred Tennant (23:57), Gary Read (24:07), Emily Beaumont (26:25), Gavin Armstrong (28:13), Kathryn Plant (28:26), Hannah Alderson (28:27), John Mcgrath (28:48) and Mark Blewitt (28:56) while at Sedgefield, Andrew Vernon ran there in 20:11 along with Stuart Hardcastle (22:50), Richard Payne (26:43), Jeff Marriott (28:46) and Gill Wallis (34:45). At Albert Park, Mike Watson finished in 23:03 with Ian Hart (25:54) and Helen Clarke (26:58), Lisa Bowerbank did the Catterick run in 27:23 and Rebecca Howard did the Flatts Lane run in 34:20. Further afield, Helen Whiting did the Newark run in 32:59, Peter Rowley ran at Penrith in 25:31, Rebecca Dodd completed the Macclesfield run in 26:59 while David Stewart did the Bushy Park run in 33:12. Flying the flag overseas was Corey Horn who did the run in Copenhagen, Denmark in 19:38.