Press Report w/e 17/03/2019

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Press Reports

Most Quakers headed south for the latest club championship race at the weekend, which saw two club records being broken.

A smiling Mike Watson on the finishing straight at Thirsk

That was at Thirsk, where there was a large turnout for the 10 mile race which started and ended at the racecourse. Over the fairly flat route, Dave Jones finished in 1:03:38 followed by Brian Martin (1:04:32, first in his age category and breaking the club record), Paul Dalton (1:06:47), Billy Harris (1:08:51), David Matthew (1:09:45), Corey Horn (1:10:17), Dale Chapman (1:11:30), Paul Davies (1:11:54), Louise Trainor (1:12:12), Simon Rek (1:17:08), Rob Gillham (1:20:20), Hannah Bryan (1:21:08), Mike Watson (1:24:21), Sandra Martin (1:25:48, PB), Julie Whinn (1:26:13 ), Janet Bowlby (1:28:09), Karen Garfield (1:29:48), Darren Alderson (1:31:09), Jo Meynell (1:33:55), Ian Hart (1:34:01), Helen Clarke (1:35:23), Martin McGregor (1:35:46), Pamela Barrass (1:36:32), Kelly Smith (1:37:26), Chris Land (1:37:30), Hannah Alderson (1:38:31), Michelle Scruby (1:38:51, PB), Melissa Hird (1:39:21), Claire Norman (1:40:20), Lisa Alderson (1:40:55, PB), Lisa Reeve (1:41:53), Ashleigh Atkinson (1:41:54), Colin Smith (1:43:20), Tina Corah (1:45:50), Helen Spaven (1:49:48), Lucy Bendle (1:51:52), Mark Ladyman (1:53:49) and Catherine Ladyman (1:53:50).

The Hardmoors 50 race was once again plagued by very bad weather, though not to the extent of last year. Over the 50 mile route along the Cleveland Way from Guisborough to Helmsley, Emily Beaumont and Wendy Colling finished together in 14 hours 29 minutes along with Jamie Norman (15 hours 20 minutes) and Rebecca Bowes (15 hours 39 minutes).

Also affected by the rain was the Cartmel Trail Race, which had to use the emergency route due to the wet conditions; Adrian Gooding completing the 10K race from the racecourse in 54:57.

Three headed to Lightwater Valley for the 10K race being held around the amusement park grounds. Kathryn Plant finished the multi-terrain route in 1:01:10 along with Tracey Plaskitt (1:04:22) and Lisa Jenkins (1:04:59).

Rebecca Dodd was the sole Quaker at the Locke Park 20 mile race at Redcar, completing the twenty one-mile laps around the park in 3:38:33.

Up at Ponteland, Julie Russell did the Northumberland half marathon, finishing the undulating 13.1 mile distance in 1:56:07.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux was first across the line in 16:40 followed by Marc Ellis (18:49), Michael Kipling (18:52), Adrian Cottam (20:41), Neil Gooding (20:50), Gareth Kyle (21:54), Fred Tennant (23:16), Stuart Masterman (24:57), Gary Read (25:35), Paul Reid (26:58), Stephen Moore (27:04), Julie Bell (27:07), Gavin Armstrong (27:25), Lisa Bowerbank (27:33), Ian Hamond (27:55), Jo Meynell (28:04), Matt Jackson (28:11), John Mcgrath (30:05), Ian Hart (30:06), Chris Land (33:13), Dawn Johnston (36:54), Rachel Maddison (36:54) and Ashleigh Atkinson (48:39).

At Sedgefield, Richard Payne finished in 31:21 along with Gill Wallis (35:36), Sally Watson (40:49) and Claire Norman (43:34), at Riverside, Phil Rutter and Gill Colling ran there in 22:26 and 27:48 respectively, while Alec Cinamon did the Tees Barrage run in 33:34. At Catterick, Phil Clarke finished there in 31:20, Sandra Cass and April Corbett did the Hackworth run in 27:45 and 27:46 respectively, Linda Gossage ran at Hartlepool in 39:04 and Peter Rowley completed the Bramhall run in 26:42.