Press Report w/e 31/03/2019

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Press Reports

Most Quakers were to be found in the local park last week, though the black and white also made a couple of appearances overseas.

Anna Hardy and Michelle Boshier having far too much fun at South Park

The latest club championship race, and the longest one of them all, took place on Sunday. At the South Park 20 mile, which saw runners completing twenty one-mile laps on a route virtually similar to the parkrun course, Marc Ellis finished in third place overall in 2:12:24 (and also breaking the club record for the distance) followed by Louise Trainor (2:32:14 and the third female finisher), Phil Rutter (2:36:41, PB), Dave Murphy (2:47:35, PB), Rob Gillham (2:49:51), Darren Alderson (3:15:01, PB), Jamie Pratt (3:19:53) and Anna Hardy & Michelle Boshier (3:28:01).

Over in the Lake District, three runners completed the Coniston 14 mile race, held on a hilly route which circled the lake itself. Dawn Richardson completed the distance in 1:35:12 (and first in her age category) along with Katherine Hackett (1:41:05) and Lyn Hatch (2:24:53).

Susan Rigg was the sole Quaker at the Elvington flyer, finishing the 5 mile route which started at the airfield there in 1:00:22.

In Wales, and having ran straight after the parkrun, Stuart Hardcastle did the Brynkinalt Country Estate 10K, completing the trail run in 57:13 (and also first in his age category).

Overseas in Ireland, and also running a 10K right after their parkrun, were Emily Beaumont and Helen Clark who finished the Eamon Maloney 10K in County Clare in 54:26 and 54:29 respectively, the pair both setting new personal bests.

Also running abroad was Simon Rek, who ran the half marathon in Warsaw, Poland, finishing the 13.1 mile distance in a new personal best of 1:43:45.

Midweek had seen the Children with Cancer 5K held at South Park, on a route which mirrored that of the parkrun. Chris Minto finished in tenth place overall in 20:17 followed by Diane Vaughan (22:18), Billy Harris (22:42), John McGrath (23:35), Claire Chapman (26:03), Gavin Armstrong (26:08), Michael Oliver (26:11), Ashleigh Atkinson (26:24), Rebecca Bowes (26:52), Dan Rowlands (27:10), Daniel Orton (30:00), Ruth Middleton (35:23), Wendy Thompson (39:30) and Linda Harrington (41:06).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Mike Kipling finished at South Park in 18:32 followed by Dave Jones (18:33), Andrew Vernon (19:23), Rob Dent (19:30), James Atkinson (20:14), Neil Gooding (20:33), David Whittle (22:20), Phil Clarke (23:12), Louise Trainor (23:38), Ed Griffiths (24:00), Stuart Masterman (24:11), Peter Rowley (24:30), Ginny Gannaway (25:52), Ian Hart (26:17), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:19), Lisa Bowerbank (27:10), Paul Reid (27:35), Matt Jackson (27:38), John Mcgrath (27:42), Emma Colbourne (27:53), Gary Read (28:19), Jo Meynell (30:11), Chris Land (30:31), Bex Stirland (30:58), Rob Gillham (30:59), Lee Morris (32:52), Charlie Johnson (34:05), Rachel Grayson (35:18), Rachel Maddison (35:32), Wendy Thompson (38:50), Sally Watson (38:54), Sharon Carr (40:28), Judith Russell (40:29) and Andy Walker (43:52).

At Sedgefield, Adrian Cottam finished in 20:37 followed by Corey Horn (20:39), Claire Norman (45:37), Gemma Marshall-Moore (55:46) and Olly Marshall-Moore (55:47), Malcolm Hewitson did the Tees Barrage run in 26:57, Rebecca Howard ran at Hartlepool in 20:28 while David Ledgerwood finished at Newbiggin-By-The-Sea in 29:19. At The Pastures, Phil Rutter ran there in 23:12 along with Anthony Corbett (27:38), Hannah Alderson (27:58) and Gill Colling (28:39), at Newcastle Diane Vaughan and Helen Spaven finished there in 22:27 and 31:43 respectively, while at Albert Park, Stephen Moore completed the run in 28:50. Further afield, Tom and Claire Chapman finished at Penrith in 21:48 and 26:01 repsectively, Stuart Hardcastle did the Erddig run in north Wales in 25:05 and David Stewart ran at Bushy in 35:05.

Flying the flag overseas were Emily Beaumont and Helen Clark who did the Lees Road run in Ireland in 26:56 and 26:57 respectively.