Press Report w/e 15/04/2018

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Press Reports

Once again Quakers were out in search of points as another club championship race was on the calendar.

Billy Harris coming into the finish at Hartlepool

That took place over on the coast at Hartlepool, the Marina 5 Mile. Michael Joyeux completed the out and back route along the seafront in 27:36 followed by Brian Martin (31:37, setting a new club record for the distance as well as finishing not only first in his age category, but first in his age group for the North East Masters championship ), Gareth Kyle (33:06), Graham Park (36:22), Rob Gillham (36:32), David Ledgerwood (40:05), Gillian Harris (40:11), Billy Harris (40:35), Michael Johnston (41:01), Julie Whinn (41:05 and breaking her own club record for the distance), Darren Alderson (42:07), Pamela Barrass (44:37), Danny Gordon (45:12), Lisa Alderson (52:59) and Clare Dixon (55:29).

Five headed down to York for the Vale of York 10 mile race, which started and finished on an airfield runway. Paul Dalton finished the fairly flat route in 1:05:02 along with James Atkinson (1:09:47), Anna Hardy (1:23:36, PB), Kelly Smith (1:39:19) and Lucy Bendle (1:42:12).

The latest race in this year’s Lakeland Trails series took place over at Hawkshead in the Lake District. Over a 17K distance near Lake Windermere, Adrian Gooding completed the off-road route in 1:38:03 along with Rebecca Howard in 2:18:07.

Dave Thompson was down in Gloucestershire for the Wye Forest 50, held on a course which ran through parts of the Forest of Dean. He completed the route, which was 53 miles, and which took in 9300 feet of climb, in 14 hours 58 minutes.

Several runners headed out to Leyburn for the Wensleydale Wander, where they had an option of either a 12 or 23 mile circular route from the village. In the longer distance, Malcolm Hewitson and Jamie Norman finished the route in 4:37 along with Rebecca Bowes (4:55), Tom & Claire Chapman (5:03), Claire Norman and Abbie Hull (5:42) and Liz Kennedy (5:52). Over the shorter distance, Nicola Wells went round in 2:30, followed by Jo Dickinson & Angela Clement (2:47), Lisa Jenkins (3:17) and Sarah Bayles (3:18).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 19:00 followed by Rob Dent (19:29), Neil Gooding (19:58), Gareth Kyle (20:13), Michael Thompson (20:32), Luke Minall (21:14), Ty Hankinson (23:11), Ed Griffiths (23:31), Peter Rowley (24:16), Mark Trowles (24:51), Nikki Thompson (25:09), Paul Reid (25:53), Juliette Mclaren (26:19), Julie Bell (27:14), Lisa Reeve (28:09), Tracey Plaskitt (28:20), Chris Land (29:01), Michael King (30:28), Sue Woodcock (31:24), Jamie Pratt (31:25), Janette Croft (31:35), Ally Sanderson (32:23), Lucy Bendle (32:49), Rachel Grayson (33:06), Carolyn Cairns (34:36), Paul Ryan (35:10), Wendy Thompson (35:12), Lena Rusa (35:13), Lee Morris (35:18), Andy Walker (37:22), Naomi Dixon (37:30) and Julie Mckernon (41:15).

There was a large turnout at Stewart Park, where Marc Ellis finished in 19:16 along with Michael Kipling (20:56), Andrew Vernon (21:27), Steven Major (21:52), Jess Hayward (23:09), Gary Read (23:19), Phil Rutter (23:42), Ian Hart (24:51), John Mcgrath (25:11), Michelle Boshier (26:30), Mark Blewitt (27:22), Darren Alderson (28:19), Gill Colling (28:23), Hannah Alderson (28:46), Gillian Cowton (29:05), Emily Beaumont (30:33), Sarah Watson (31:18), Helen Clark (31:38), Clare Mcgrath (32:17), Lewis Boshier (34:07), Lisa Alderson (34:20), Sharon Carr (36:00), Sally Watson (36:41), Rachel Maddison (39:32), Dawn Johnston (39:32) and Phill Johnston (39:33). At Sedgefield, Mark Colling ran there in 27:46 along with April Corbett (27:48), John Whinn (29:33) and Gill Wallis (34:48), Paul Dalton did the Hackworth run in 22:38, Michelle Scruby ran at Redcar in 29:43, Phil Clarke finished at Catterick in 29:15, while at Tees Barrage, Lucia Minto ran there in 26:01, along with Anna Hardy (27:07) and Alec Cinamon (31:20). Further afield, Gemma Marshall and Olly Moore ran at Keswick in 33:30 and 33:31 respectively, while in Glasgow, Richard Payne did the Victoria Park run in 27:30.