Press Report w/e 19/01/2020

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Press Reports

Another quiet January week saw most runners heading down the road for the latest cross country race.

Claire Chapman still smiling despite all the cross country mud!

The latest cross country fixture took place over at a muddy Ormesby Hall. In the women’s race, which included the over 65 men, Louise Trainor completed the two-lap 6.2K distance in 29:52 along with Viv Hardwick (32:32), Claire Chapman (34:23), Danny Gordon (41:07), Alison Hardwick (43:18) and Rachel Grayson (48:07). In the men’s race, covering 9.3K over three laps, Dave Jones finished in 40:03 followed by Tom Chapman (44:31), David Todd (47:59) and David Whittle (48:47).

Helen Clark was the sole Quaker at the Gargrave half marathon, completing the 13.1 mile route around the Yorkshire Dales in 1:57:52.

Two runners headed over to Cheshire for the Four Villages half marathon, taking place around the village of Helsby. Michael Joyeux completed the hilly route in 1:14:01 along with Dawn Richardson in 1:26:40.

Just up the road, at the Gerry Kearsley Winter Handicap near Sedgefield, Stuart Hardcastle completed the 6 mile trail route around Bishop Middleham in 51:49 along with Richard Payne in 57:07.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, David Matthew finished at South Park in 19:19 followed by Dave Jones (19:27), Gareth Kyle (20:22), Michael Kipling (20:23), Andrew Vernon (20:24), Gary Read (20:59), Marc Ellis (21:39), Shane Lester (21:54), Phil Rutter (22:05), David Mclachlan (22:30), Steven Major (22:33), David Whittle (22:43), David Todd (23:26), Stuart Hardcastle (23:30), Louise Trainor (23:53), Ed Griffiths (24:13), Rob Gillham (24:55), Stuart Masterman (25:45), Lisa Bowerbank (26:06), Julie Bell (27:04), John Whitaker (27:19), Rebecca Bowes (27:34), Paul Taylor (27:35), Kathryn Gray (27:51), Carl Foxton (28:17), Gill Colling (28:18), John Cooke (28:19), Ruth Tooley (28:22), Judith Russell (28:42), Bryan Dale (29:17), Rachel Maddison (29:37), Peter Cowan (29:56), John Mcgrath (29:57), Michael King (30:02), Lee Morris (30:08), Mark Blewitt (30:17), Charlie Johnson (30:53), Alison Hardwick (30:54), Viv Hardwick (30:55), Stewart Anderson (32:04), Sarah Watson (32:09), Angela Taylor (32:25), Louise Mccann (36:04), Helen Cowan (36:58), Dawn Raper (37:46), Bex Stirland (39:21), Naomi Dixon (40:40), Andy Walker (42:43), Wendy Thompson (46:38) and Linda Gossage (56:28).

At Albert Park, Thomas Gannaway ran there in 22:19 along with Ginny Gannaway (24:18), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:12) and Stephen Moore (27:16) while at Tees Barrage, Ian Hart finished in 22:42 followed by Mike Watson (23:43), Helen Clarke (28:34) and Hayley Wooding (32:21). At Sedgefield, Jonathan Eccles and Paul Hutchinson ran there in 23:52 and 33:53 respectively, Kathryn Plant did the Blackhill run in 30:11, Helen Whiting ran at Stewart Park in 29:56, Adrian Cottam did the Hackworth run in 21:41 and David Ledgerwood ran at Prudhoe in 34:34. At Catterick, Phil Clarke finished in 25:26 along with Darren Alderson (26:35) and Lisa Alderson (32:47), Michael Thompson did the Jubilee run in 22:30 and Joanne Dewar ran at Jesmond Dene in 34:06. Further afield, David Stewart ran at Bushy in 30:21. Peter Rowley did the Penrith run in 25:47, Kirsty Smith Yates ran at Hastings in 25:10 and Barbra Barker did the Livingston run in 33:11.

Flying the flag overseas was Claire Wytcherley who did the Studley Park run in Melbourne, Australia in 30:38.