Press Report w/e 14/07/2019

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Press Reports

The biggest Quaker turnout of the week involved those who were not running as this year’s Lyke Wake Challenge took place.

Darren Wright coming into the Hamer checkpoint on the Lyke Wake Challenge

Several members volunteered on the day, manning the seven marshal points along the 42 mile route across the North Yorkshire Moors from Osmotherley to Ravenscar. Eleven Quakers completed this year’s edition – Darren Wright (7:26), Tom Chapman (8:13), Charlie Bogg (8:26), Rebecca Bowes (9:10), Anna Hardy (9:22), Annette Clarke and Dave Thompson (both in 10:14 and having just completed the reverse crossing a couple of hours earlier), Claire Chapman (10:36), Stephen Ash (11:20), Mel Newton (11:25) and Lisa Jenkins (12:17).

The latest 10K league race took place down at Burton Leonard near Ripon. Over the undulating multi-terrain route, Paul Dalton finished in 39:28 followed by David Matthew (41:46), Rebecca Howard (45:12 and the third female finisher overall), Brian McLaren (49:04), Rob Gillham (49:53), Julie Russell (52:18), Viv Hardwick (55:26), Sandra Martin (55:51), Brian Martin (55:51), Emily Beaumont (56:27), David Ledgerwood (56:55), Juliette McLaren (58:26), Helen Clark (59:30), Caroline Litster (59:59), Ian Scott (1:02:07), Chris Land (1:02:04), Kathryn Plant (1:03:09), Bex Stirland (1:06:48), Alison Hardwick (1:16:53), Rachel Maddison (1:18:05) and Karen Dove (1:24:17).

Two runners stayed local for the Darlington Trail 10K taking place in and around South Park. Gemma Eddy completed the three lap route in 59:44 along with 1:07:15.

Midweek had seen the fourth race in the Tees Trail Summer 5K series, this time over at Lordstones. David Matthew completed the route in 20:41 followed by Thom Gannaway (23:13), Stuart Hardcastle (24:12), Nicola Wells (24:15), Ginny Gannaway (27:04), Abbie Hull (27:58), Liz Kennedy (29:30) and Kathryn Plant (31:16).

Also running midweek were the pair who travelled up to Durham for the Willow Miner trail race, a 5.3 mile route through the countryside. Paul Dalton finished in 38:19 along with Andrew Dixon in 49:14.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:41 followed by Neil Gooding (20:03), Dawn Richardson (20:43), Andrew Walsh (20:50), David Whittle (22:14), David Aiken (22:25), Steven Major (22:31), Karen Garfield (25:26), Stuart Masterman (25:33), Ashleigh Atkinson (25:50), Ed Griffiths (26:57), Danny Gordon (27:15), Stephen Moore (27:24), Lisa Bowerbank (27:30), Julie Bell (27:33), Matt Jackson (27:39), Julie Bourne (28:05), Paul Reid (28:22), Martin Mcgregor (29:00), Jo Meynell (29:40), Michelle Scruby (30:01), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (30:19), Abigail Willson (31:01), Chris Land (32:11), Rachel Grayson (34:38), Lee Morris (35:35), Linda Gossage (39:08), Olly Marshall-Moore (39:47), Dawn Raper (39:49), Wendy Thompson (39:51), Gemma Marshall-Moore (39:52), Rachel Maddison (40:00), Sarah Watson (40:01) and Michael King (42:21).

At Sedgefield, Ginny Gannaway finished in 25:25 along with Elizabeth Kennedy (28:15) and Sally Watson (34:54), at Redcar, Ian Hart and Mike Watson ran there in 22:57 and 26:22 respectively, at Tees Barrage, Lisa Reeve did the run in 27:39 with Rebecca Dodd in 29:08. At Albert Park, Carl Foxton and Naomi Dixon finished in 27:25 and 36:24 respectively, Peter Rowley ran at Harrogate in 25:36, Helen Spaven did the Heslingotn run in 29:24 and Abbie Hull ran at Newby Bridge in 28:18. Further afield, Phil Clarke did the Southwark run in 23:37, Stuart Hardcastle ran at Wepre in 25:23, while overseas, Paul Ryan did the Crissy Field run in San Francisco in 29:25.