Press Report w/e 07/07/2019

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Press Reports

Another busy week saw both league and championship races on the calendar, while one Quaker claimed two race victories in the space of five days.

Quakers ready for the off at a sunny Croft circuit

The biggest turnout was just down the road midweek at Croft circuit for the Pitstop 10K. Dave Jones finished the three lap route in ninth place overall in 38:15 followed by David Matthew (40:04), Dawn Richardson (40:58 and the first female finisher overall), Corey Horn (43:04), Andrew Walsh (43:46), Michael Thompson (43:47), Brian McLaren (43:50), Rob Gillham (46:47), Ed Griffiths (47:20), Andrew Dixon (47:29), Stuart Hardcastle (47:52), David White (47:59), David Whittle (48:41), Emma Claxton (48:53 and first in her age category), Ian Hart (49:40), Iain Clyde (50:16), Claire Chapman (51:41 and third in her age category), Lloyd Ashby (53:19), Stuart Masterman (55:32), Ian Young (55:32), Emily Beaumont (55:32), Julie Bell (57:00 and second in her age category), Kathryn Plant (59:43), Chris Land (1:00:15), Juliette McLaren (1:00:47), Helen Whiting (1:01:28), Jeff Marriott (1:01:36), Lisa Alderson (1:04:35), Rebecca Bowes (1:04:35), Ruth Middleton (1:06:35), Philippa Rayner (1:08:34), Wendy Thompson (1:22:47) and Dawn Raper (1:22:47). In the 5K race, Julie Whinn finished in 24:30 (and first in her age category) along with Jamie Pratt in 26:15.

The latest championship race took place down at Masham, the Burn Valley half marathon, held on an undulating countryside route. Brian Martin finished the 13.1 miles in 1:30:37 (and first in her age category) followed by Louise Trainor (1:41:37 and first in her age category), Paul Davies (1:42:59), Rob Gillham (1:53:28), Diane Vaughan (1:54:52), Julie Russell (2:03:10), Wendy Colling (2:03:36), Sandra Martin (2:07:28), Jennifer Hardy (2:19:29) and Mark Colling (2:22:57).

The Great North 10K took place up at Gateshead where Dave Jones finished in 38:27 along with James Atkinson (42:24), Lloyd Ashby (46:41), Mike Watson (49:38), David Ledgerwood (53:27), Rebecca Bowes (54:01), Hannah Alderson (55:22), Dave Murphy (55:22), Helen Clarke (58:26), Hayley Wooding (1:03:37), Helen Spaven (1:08:22) and Ruth Middleton (1:08:32).

Four travelled down to Kilburn for the 7 mile race taking place there. For the second time in the week, Dawn Richardson was the first female finisher overall in 48:11, followed in by Steve Major (53:37), Caroline Litster (1:18:12) and Lisa Jenkins (1:18:12).

At the Leeds 10K, Paul Dalton completed the out and back route from the city centre in 36:20 along with Kathryn Plant in 58:45.

The first race of the week was the Bridges of the Tyne 5 mile, which took in a route along the quayside. Paul Dalton finished in 32:10 followed by Adrian Colbourne (35:36), Steve Major (35:34), Brian Mclaren (35:22), Rob Gillham (36:33), Diane Vaughan (36:57), Clare Stradling (43:12), Juliette Mclaren (43:39), Caroline Litster (44:39) and Richard Hughes (45:11).

Down in York at the Interstellar Run series, Susan Rigg completed the half marathon distance in 2:50:30, while in the 10K Barbara Barker and Michelle Boshier finished together in 1:08:22.

Over in the Lake District, Ashleigh Atkinson and Lisa Reeve completed the Borrowdale trail race, a 21K route starting from Keswick in 3:44:09.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Kipling finished at South Park in 19:16 followed by Marc Ellis (19:59), Neil Gooding (20:05), Thomas Gannaway (20:53), Ian Bond (21:17), Gareth Kyle (21:23), Josephine Wardle (21:44), David Whittle (22:27), Viv Hardwick (24:16), Ginny Gannaway (24:36), Ian Hart (24:38), Dave Jones (24:46), Rob Gillham (24:47), Shane Lester (24:53), Paul Taylor (25:45), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:15), Stuart Masterman (26:32), Danny Gordon (26:36), Hannah Alderson (27:10), Lisa Bowerbank (27:17), Chris Land (27:55), Michael King (27:57), Helen Clarke (27:59), Martin Mcgregor (28:23), Tracey Plaskitt (29:09), Lisa Alderson (29:27), Michelle Scruby (29:38), John Mcgrath (29:46), Paul Howell (30:19), Angela Taylor (30:25), Mike Watson (31:40), Jo Meynell (32:35), Alison Hardwick (32:37), Charlie Johnson (33:30), Bex Stirland (33:32), Paul Ryan (33:42), Emma Joyeux (33:42), Linda Gossage (38:10), Wendy Thompson (39:59), Gemma Marshall-Moore (40:13) and Olly Marshall-Moore (40:13).

At Sedgefield, Phil Rutter finished in 22:42 along with Dave Thompson (23:16), Dave Murphy (23:47), Ian Scott (25:37), Anthony Corbett (26:07), April Corbett (27:41), Sandra Cass (28:22), Gill Colling (28:38), Jeff Marriott (29:13) and Caroline Ridley-Marriott (38:09). At Catterick, Ed Griffiths ran there in 23:16 along with Carl Foxton (27:36) and Naomi Dixon (37:12), Fred Tennant did the Albert Park run in 23:07, David Ledgerwood completed the Riverside run in 28:36 and Emily Beaumont finished at Tees Barrage in 26:05. Helen Spaven did the Fountains Abbey run in 30:41, Leigh Hindle ran at Druridge Bay in 37:49, Rebecca Dodd finished at Oakwell Hall in 31:03 while Peter Rowley completed the Newby Bridge run in 25:46. At Cotsford Fields, David Aiken and Rebecca Howard ran there in 21:39 and 21:56 respectively, Carol Penney did the Woodhouse Moor run in 33:34, Stuart Hardcastle finished the Wepre run in 24:33 and David Stewart ran at Bushy in 33:39.