Press Report w/e 11/03/2018

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Press Reports

In a week which saw the club’s annual presentation night, one club competition began, while another race series drew to a close.

Louise Trainor receiving her award for the Female Athlete of the Year

The Athletes of the Year awards were presented to Louise Trainor and Brian Martin in recognition of their outstanding performances in 2017. The Senior Male and Female of the Year awards went to Michael Joyeux and Rebecca Howard, while the Veteran Male and Female of the Year awards went to Marc Ellis and Louise Trainor. The Most Improved awards, to recognise those runners who have made great improvements over the last year, went to Lisa Alderson and Darren Wright.

In the various club competition awards, Brian Martin & Michael Joyeux jointly won the Club Championship, while the female title (and recipient of the Hillary Joyeux Memorial Trophy) was won by Louise Trainor. Marc Ellis and Gill Colling claimed second place in the competition, with Billy Harris and Julie Whinn both finishing in third. The 10K League winners, in league order, were Dave Jones, Rob Dent, David Todd, Brian McLaren, Luke Minall, Gavin Armstrong, Jamie Pratt, Caroline Brown, James Simpson and Lisa Alderson.  In the 5K parkrun handicap, Lisa Alderson won the title, ahead of Fred Tennant in second and Andy Whittam in third. Gill Colling was the winner of the summer trail handicap series, while Darryn Wood won the Quakers on Tour prize for completing the most different parkruns during the year.

The Special Merit awards went to Richard Hughes for completing the G2G Ultra, a 250km race through the deserts of Arizona and Utah; Anthony Corbett and Roy MacDougall for their work in organising the annual Lyke Wake Challenge; and Emma Joyeux, Lee Morris and Roy MacDougall for their work with the three beginners groups over the last year.

The Neil Harrington Spirit of the Club Award, which was chosen by his wife Linda, went to Ian Young for the time he gives up to take the steady runs, both on club nights and the monthly Sunday run. The “One Who Slipped Through The Net” award, decided on by the Coaching Coordinators went to Tom Chapman for the improvements he has shown throughout the year, while the Cross Country awards, chosen by the respective captains, went to Lisa Reeve and Graham Park. The Chairman’s Award was presented to Olly Moore for all the technological work he has put in with regards to the club website and the membership process. The “Cat-Ass-Trophy” award, for the biggest slip-up during the year went to Sarah Watson, who, while taking part in a fell race, got lost and ended up crossing the finish line from the wrong direction.

Prior to the frivolities, the first championship race of the season, the Dentdale Run took place over in the village of Dent in Cumbria. Marc Ellis completed the very undulating 14.2 mile distance in 1:33:16 followed by Katherine Hackett (1:41:42 and the third female finisher overall), Rob Dent (1:43:33), Michael Thompson (1:43:34), James Atkinson (1:46:32), Michael Kipling (1:50:13), Paul Pomfret (1:56:31), Steven Major (1:59:07), David Thompson (1:59:37 and third in his age category), Michael Oliver (2:01:36), Simon Rek (2:04:21), Rob Gillham (2:06:05), Jamie Pratt (2:18:18), Anna Hardy (2:19:23), Emily Beaumont (2:29:31), Darren Alderson (2:30:28), Gavin Armstrong (2:51:29) and Karen Dove (3:06:14). In the 7.9 mile distance, which took in the first half of the longer race, Andrew Jordan finished in 1:13:33 along with John Mcgrath (1:13:25), Lyn Hatch (1:19:19), Nichola Jordan (1:27:18), Clare Mcgrath (1:30:39) and Lisa Alderson & Sharon Carr (1:42:25).

The final event of the cross country season, the road relays, took place at South Park, where runners each completed two laps of the parkrun route. In the women’s race, Louise Trainor, Lisa Reeve and Tracey Plaskitt finished in a time of 51:39; in the men’s event, Paul Roberts, Ty Hankinson, Rob Dent and Marc Ellis came home in fifth place in 54:10, while Steve Howell, Mark Trowles and Stephen Moore fielded a partial team to finish in 47:56.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Neil Gooding finished at South Park in 19:44 followed by Rebecca Howard (21:12), Andrew Dixon (21:59), David Whittle (22:19), Dale Chapman (22:25), David Ledgerwood (24:11), Ed Griffiths (24:41), Ian Hart (24:47), Mark Trowles (25:22), Danny Gordon (26:11), Nikki Thompson (27:05), Brian Dixon (27:10), Andy Whittam (27:13), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:14), Julie Bell (27:27), Ginny Gannaway (27:32), John Whinn (28:21), Kelly Smith (29:44), Gillian Harris (30:11), Julie Whinn (30:43), Rebecca Bowes (30:43), Chris Land (32:33), Ally Sanderson (33:32), Michael King (33:40), Grainne Duffy (33:46), Lisa Reeve (33:51), Lena Rusa (34:14), Emma Joyeux (34:37), Lucy Bendle (35:03), Terri Hankinson (36:45) and Alec Cinamon (45:35).

There was a big turnout at Tees Barrage where Andrew Vernon finished in 21:33 along with Phil Rutter (22:41), Gary Read (23:42), Malcolm Hewitson (24:42), Lewis Boshier (26:44), Michelle Boshier (26:44), Gill Colling (29:18), Jo Dickinson (29:29), Hannah Alderson (30:21), Emily Beaumont (31:43), Claire Hewitt (36:23), Sally Watson (36:23), Sarah Watson (37:01) and Stacey Holmes (41:58). At Sedgefield, Adrian Colbourne and Jeff Marriott did the run there in 21:13 and 27:49 respectively, Paul Dalton ran at Gateshead in 19:41, Anthony Corbett completed the Prudhoe run in 27:48 and Abbie Hull finished at Catterick in 25:25.