Press Report w/e 18/03/2018

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Press Reports

The weather once again wreaked havoc with the racing calendar, with nearly all races being cancelled.

In a winter wonderland – Phil Rutter still smiling despite some appalling conditions on the moors.

The only ones to survive were those held on Saturday, which still had to contend with some awful conditions. In the Hardmoors 55, which covered the route of the Cleveland Way from Helmsley to Guisborough, Emily Beaumont, Michelle Boshier and Jamie Norman were all forced to retire due to the freezing conditions, which resulted in the race ultimately being called off for those who hadn’t reached Kildale by the time the snow really set in. Phil Rutter was the only Quaker to make it to the finish line, coming home in an admirable 13 hours 11 minutes.

Further north, Lisa Jenkins ran in equally wintry conditions at the Thrunton 10K night race up near Alnwick, finishing the route which ended up covering 9 miles, and taking in 1500 feet of climb, in 2:50:13.

Most of the Saturday morning parkruns just managed to beat the weather. At South Park, Ed Griffiths finished in 22:42 followed by Rebecca Howard (23:24), Gillian Harris (25:16), Malcolm Hewitson (25:30), Nikki Thompson (26:54), Christopher Parsons (27:56), Julie Bell (27:59), Brian Dixon (28:31), Paul Reid (29:52), Chris Land (30:42), Fiona Dixon (32:09), Michael King (32:17), Michelle Dale (32:20), Lee Morris (33:33), Alec Cinamon (33:52), Clare Dixon (35:49), Andrew Dixon (35:49), Rachel Grayson (37:02), Sharon Carr (42:28) and Judith Russell (42:32).

At Albert Park, Darren Wright finished in 18:48 along with Gareth Kyle (20:25), Andrew Vernon (20:30), Chris Minto (20:45), Mark Trowles (24:49), Mark Robinson (25:46), Sarah Watson (32:01) and Lisa Alderson (32:05), while at Catterick, Michael Kipling ran there in 19:58 with Steven Major in 21:52 and Peter Rowley in 26:42. Over at Sedgefield, Paul Dalton completed the course in 19:39 followed by Adrian Colbourne (21:30), Dave Thompson (24:43), Jeff Marriott (27:33), Anthony Corbett (28:56), Wendy Colling (28:57), April Corbett (28:58) and Sandra Cass (28:58). Helen Spaven did the Heslington run in York in 31:16, while David Ledgerwood did the Stretford run in Manchester in 24:29.