Press Report w/e 10/12/2017

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Press Reports

While most runners headed off road again, the black and white colours made two appearances abroad, including its first in the Middle East.

Fred Tennant on the only part of the Redcar course which wasn’t flat!

The North Eastern Cross Country Championships took place over at Redcar, held on a virtually flat route around the infield of the racecourse. In the women’s race which covered 8K, Louise Trainor completed the two laps in 34:50 along with Julie Russell (40:40), Emily Beaumont (46:25) and Sue New (48:48). In the men’s race, held over 12K, Michael Joyeux finished the three laps in 39:29 followed by Adrian  Colbourne (49:21), Rob Dent (50:26), Michael Thompson (51:58), Adrian Cottam (52:25), Steve Snook (55:04), Graham Park (57:02), Luke Minall (57:45), Fred Tennant (1:00:33) and David Ledgerwood (1:01:00).

The final event of this year’s Hardmoors trail series took place at a wintry Roseberry Topping. In the marathon distance, Rebecca Bowes and Dave Jones both went round in 7 hours 51 minutes, with Gill Colling and Phil Rutter finishing together in 8 hours 12 minutes. In the half marathon event, Anthony Corbett covered the route in 3:37:44 along with Michelle Boshier & Rebecca Howard in 3:50:36 and Emily Beaumont, Karen Dove & Fiona Dixon in 5:43:15.

Annette Clarke, Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson were out on the hills once again, this time for the Regular Irregular race, taking place just south of Huddersfield. On a 23 mile route across the moors, which took in 4000 feet of climb, the three of them finished the distance together in 5 hours 11 minutes.

Midweek had seen Matt Jackson as the sole Quaker at the Tees Barrage night trail 5K, finishing the riverside route in 29:49.

Overseas, in Israel, Paul Ryan flew the Quaker flag in the Middle East for the first time when he ran in the Mount Carmel trail race, finishing the 24K distance around the mountain range in 3:28:28.

Meanwhile, four runners headed over to the Canary Islands, for a series of races on the island of Lanzarote. In the half marathon, Marc Ellis finished in 1:24:40 (and third in his age category), while in the 10K, Andrew Vernon came home in 48:05 along with Sarah Watson in 58:25 and Sharon Carr in 1:21:02.

The previous week had seen the final race in this year’s club championship, the Eskdale Eureka fell race, held near Castleton. On a 9 mile route which took in 1500 metres of climb, Michael Joyeux finished in fifth place overall in 1:20:08 along with Simon Rek (1:48:11), Rob Gillham (2:00:45) and Rebecca Howard (2:10:25).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Luke Minall finished at South Park in 21:18 followed by David Todd (21:20), Gareth Kyle (21:33), Fred Tennant (21:51), Phil Rutter (22:07), Ed Griffiths (22:42), Gary Read (23:11), David Mclachlan (23:29), Malcolm Hewitson (24:12), Gavin Armstrong (24:58), Mark Trowles (25:20), Stuart Burkin (25:26), Danny Gordon (25:59), Michael Watson (26:57), Julie Bell (27:09), Andy Whittam (27:50), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:05), Emma Joyeux (28:50), Jo Dickinson (29:00), Chris Land (29:39), Michael King (30:05), Helen Clarke (30:05), Michelle Scruby (31:28), Lisa Alderson (32:29), Rachel Grayson (34:27), Stacey Holmes (39:09) and Phill Johnston (39:09).

At Albert Park, Stephen Moore and Anthony Corbett ran there in 23:23 and 26:48 respectively, Emily Beaumont did the Tees Barrage run in 34:41, Peter Rowley finished at Catterick in 23:58, while Lena Rusa completed the Fountains Abbey run in 33:41. At Sedgefield, April Corbett and Mark Blewitt ran there in 26:58 and 27:04 respectively, Phil Clarke did the Whitley Bay run in 26:08, while Gemma Marshall and Olly Moore finished at Hackworth in 34:54. Further afield, Tom and Claire Chapman did the Wimpole Estate run near Cambridge in 23:57 and 28:12 respectively, Diane Vaughan ran at Torbay in 23:13 while Darryn Wood did the Rothwell run in 37:38.