Press Report w/e 03/12/2017

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Press Reports

A fairly quiet week saw most Quakers heading over to the coast for the latest cross country race.

Mark Trowles seemingly enjoying the delightful conditions at Hartlepool!

That took place at a predictably muddy Hartlepool, held around the Summerhill Country Park. In the women’s race, which covered 4.6K over two laps, Louise Trainor finished in 20:31 along with Lucia Minto (23:09), Anna Hardy (24:06), Bev Snook (27:30), Angela Clement (28:26) and Lisa Reeve (28:42). In the men’s event, covering 8.9K over three laps, Michael Thompson completed the distance in 44:00 followed by Rob Dent (44:26), Adrian Cottam (49:45), Graham Park (49:52), David Whittle (50:49), David Ledgerwood (53:04) and Mark Trowles (56:23).

At the Percy Pud 10K race, held at Loxley near Sheffield, Mike Horan completed the out and back distance there in 1:18:31.

Over in Cumbria at the Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10K, Alan Prest finished the route there, another out and back one, in 1:12:59.

Also running in the same region was Peter Rowley who did the Ulverston Xmas Pudding 10K race, coming home in 50:08.

The icy weather caused the cancellation of several local parkruns, including the one at South Park. That left the largest turnout at Flatts Lane where Luke Minall finished in 24:52, along with Phil Rutter (25:29), Dan Rowlands (26:19), Jo Dickinson (32:00), Gill Colling (32:34), Anna Hardy (33:01), Mark Blewitt (33:10) and Sally Watson (38:12). At Keswick, Tom and Claire Chapman ran there in 22:25 and 26:54 respectively, Paul Dalton did the inaugural Windy Nook run in 23:45, Anthony Corbett finished at Northallerton in 28:31, Phil Clarke ran at Catterick in 25:23 and Stephen Moore completed Albert Park in 23:40. Further afield, Peter Rowley ran at Lancaster in 26:20, Lucia Minto did the Bradford run in 24:07 and Darryn Wood completed the Dewsbury run in 36:57.