Press Report w/e 08/03/2020

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Press Reports

It was a quiet weekend of action, given most Quakers were to be found at the presentation night last Saturday!

Julie Russell heading round and round Locke Park

The latest championship race took place down at Lightwater Valley, over a multi-terrain 10K route. Dave Jones finished the race in sixth place overall in 38:43 (and first in his age category) followed by Brian Martin (44:20 and second in his age category), Brian Mclaren (47:19), Rob Gillham (49:09), Simon Rek (50:59), Juliette Mclaren (55:52), Rebecca Bowes (56:49) and Sandra Martin (57:17).

Julie Russell was the sole Quaker at the Harry Gamble-Thompson 20 Mile race at Locke Park, completing the twenty one-mile laps of the park in 3:04:43.

Midweek had seen Dawn Richardson head over to Middlesbrough for the 5K race taking place at the Sports Village, finishing the distance as the second female overall in 19:12.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Andrew Vernon finished at South Park in 19:31 followed by Neil Gooding (19:47), Adrian Gooding (21:32), David Whittle (21:37), Andrew Walsh (21:52), Ian Hart (21:53), Andrew Dixon (22:27), Mike Watson (22:36), Steve Howell (23:15), Jonathan Eccles (23:21), Stuart Masterman (23:45), Gary Read (24:08), Rob Gillham (24:15), Ginny Gannaway (24:32), Peter Rowley (24:33), Fred Tennant (25:13), Lisa Bowerbank (25:34), Rebecca Bowes (25:55), Dave Jones (25:55), Paul Taylor (26:02), Julie Bell (26:33), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:05), Darren Alderson (27:19), Kathryn Gray (27:21), Chris Land (28:07), Bryan Dale (28:52), Martin Mcgregor (28:59), Mark Blewitt (29:06), Lee Morris (29:43), Michelle Scruby (29:52), Angela Taylor (30:02), Angela Clement (30:19), Mark Trowles (30:32), Helen Whiting (30:42), Anne-Michelle Whitley (30:42), Michael King (31:00), Richard Hughes (31:11), Charlie Johnson (31:24), Sarah Watson (31:39), Julie Whinn (31:45), Viv Hardwick (33:15), Alison Hardwick (33:15), Bethany Symonds (33:23), Judith Russell (33:23), Rachel Grayson (34:50), Emma Joyeux (35:11), Paul Ryan (35:11), Ashleigh Atkinson (35:57), Helen Cowan (36:43), Peter Cowan (36:44), Jennifer Hardy (37:05), Linda Gossage (39:40), Lisa Johnstone (40:19), Mary Macivor (42:36), Helen Clarke (42:37), Hannah Alderson (42:37) and Andy Walker (43:06).

At Sedgefield, Michael Thompson ran there in 21:46 along with April Corbett (27:29), Richard Payne (27:58), Sandra Cass (28:12) and Michelle Dale (35:30), while at Tees Barrage, Dawn Richardson and Sally Watson finished in 20:04 and 39:22 respectively. David Eric Ledgerwood did the Riverside run in 25:56, Rebecca Dodd ran at Durham in 52:30, Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 26:47 and Janette Croft did the Catterick run in 29:30. At Redcar, Jo Meynell and Sally Singleton finished in 31:48 and 32:01 respectively, Kathryn Plant did the Marshall Drive run in 30:24 and at Hackworth, David Aiken and Rebecca Howard ran there in 20:21 and 21:29. Further afield, Stuart Hardcastle ran at Wepre in 25:34 and David Stewart did the Bushy run in 31:06.