Member Spotlight November 2019 – Nicola Wells

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Member Spotlights

Not running on a Sunday and only running three times a week didn’t do Eric Liddle any harm. Our very own Chariot of Fire, Nicola Wells, doesn’t do bad on it either.

  1. How did you get into running and why?
    I’ve ran off and on since I went to school, competing in Cross Country and Track then got back in to it in my mid-twenties, particularly after I had children and wanted to shed baby weight. Over the years I’ve increased the amount and variation of my running.
  2. What kept you going when you first started running?
    I loved and still the love the flexibility that running gives. All you need is a pair of trainers and you can set foot out your front door.
  3. How much training do you typically do each week?
    I probably only run 3 times a week max, typically doing one speed session at club then a short 4 mile run and maybe an 8 mile run too. Even when I’ve trained for long races I prefer to mix my running up with cycling and pilates.
  4. Be honest, do you enjoy training?
    I usually do enjoy training, particularly the feeling when you get home and feel satisfied. Training with friends is far more enjoyable than running on your own too.
  5. Do you do any other sports or fitness activities?
    I love cycling too and when the weather is good cycling is probably my preference. I also go to piloxing and pilates classes and like to have 2 rest days a week.
  6. Do you manage to fit in any other hobbies?
    Faith, family, friends and fitness pretty much sum me up!
  7. Tell us about some of the races that you’ve done in the past
    I don’t race an awful lot. Most races take place on a Sunday where I chose to go to Church. While I love to keep fit and run, my faith is more important. I have done some races on a Sunday (usually further distances like half marathons and marathons and of course Darlington 10k) but have tended to do ones that have been evenings or Saturdays. I particularly love summer evening off road races in the moors and Snape 10k for cake! But also loved Guy Fawkes 10 mile but then there’s chocolate involved there too! Oh and I’ve ran Blaydon Races 3 times as it’s my home town race and the atmosphere is amazing.
  8. What’s your current running goal?
    I’m probably the most boring read ever as I literally have no running goals. I run to be outdoors, keep fit and see friends. Sorry people.
  9. What is your favourite race/distance/terrain?
    I love mixing races up with hills/flat/road/trail and distance and rarely do the same race twice. I quite like a 10 mile race though I know there’s not many of them about.
  10. What are your proudest running achievements?
    My favourite race and proudest moment was Malhamdale trail. It was 22 miles in full on fog and rain but so exhilarating. It was the furthest I’d raced off road and had a given myself a really generous time target. With that in mind I had the freedom to just enjoy the race and ended up smashing my target.

I was also super proud when I completed my first marathon particularly as I’d come down with a heavy cold the week before and in hindsight probably shouldn’t of ran!

  1. Anything in your running experience you regret?
    Thankfully no regrets though I have often wondered in many races what I would have finished on if I hadn’t of gone off too fast.
  2. How many pairs of trainers/ running shoes do you have and do you have a favourite pair?
    Only 2, one road and one trail.
  3. What’s your idea of running heaven?
    Running with friends in the hills then having a pint of Moretti afterwards in a country pub.
  4. What’s your idea of running hell?
    I’m not sure I have one.
  5. What is the best piece of running advice you’ve ever been given?
    Dress for mile 2.
  6. Any advice to newcomers to running?
    Not to overdo it and run all the time. You can sicken yourself. Mix up your new found love with cross training; it strengthens you and keeps your interest.
  7. What keeps you going when the going gets tough in a hard race?
    Prayer and the thought of a Moretti afterwards.
  8. How do you relax/reward yourself after a race?
    The completion is always the reward for me. Cake works too!
  9. If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    I was marathon training whilst on holiday on lake Annecy in the French Alps so had some pretty special long runs on cycle paths around the lake. I also love our local area so running in the North
    York Moors always feels special.