January 2019 achievements

by | Feb 6, 2019 | News

During January we have seen many Quakers taking part in parkruns far and wide, road races, cross country, trail events, marathons and ultra marathons. Our members have had a great start to the year and we have new Club Records, runners being placed in their age categories and new personal best times.

David Thompson   Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:05:12
Jamie Norman       Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:39:30
Wendy Colling       Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:44:11
Sandra Cass          Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:44:15
Rebecca Dodd       Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 7:03:50
Diane Vaughan       Morpeth 11k    2nd in age category 50:29
Katherine Hackett  Old Monks trail race 2nd in age category 41:34
Dawn Richardson  Brass Monkey half marathon Club Record in age category 1:30:14
Lisa Jenkins           Brass Monkey half marathon PB 2:15:40
Lisa Alderson         Brass Monkey half marathon PB 2:18:05
Michelle Scruby     Brass Monkey half marathon PB 2:12:46
Brian Martin           Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough 1st in age category 38:11
Dave Thompson    Madeira marathon,  Marathon and 2nd in age category 3:47:28
Anthony Corbett    6 hour NEMC Hardwick Park Club Record 30.72 miles (5hrs 47)
April Corbett          6 hour NEMC Hardwick Park Club Record 27 miles (4hrs 50)

I will publish each month a round up, if you have an achievement that is a race placement in the top 10 finishers, placed in and age category, a PB, completed a marathon or ultra marathon or have set a Club Record and have not been included please do let me know by emailing stats@quakers.run so that I can add it to the annual achievements report.

April Corbett