Usually at the end of the calendar year we have a round up of memorable events such as new Club Records, PBs, Marathons and Ultras completed and age category placements.  As this year is a little different I have put together the achievements that I am aware of to the end of July where our members have taken part in events that have returned, these are  shown in the table below. In addition to this we have

  • members taking part in Virtual Challenges and races
  • the QRC playlists with members contributing song titles and being compiled by Jett Marriot and Lee Morris
  • members taking part in the Quaker 5k handicap, thank you Ian Bond for this
  • members who are participating the the club sessions and steady runs
  • members who continue to run/train solo and with their running buddies
  • Club Officers, Management and coaches who are continuing with their role duties
  • monthly social events planned from September to December, with planning in progress for 2022

Well done to everyone and keep on running!

If you do take part in anything which should be noted on a later update or you think you have set or broken a club record in your age category please let me know by sending an email to

April Corbett

Apr Dave Jones 100m Kieron Maxwell Darlington T & F 14.43 Club Record
Apr Dave Jones 1000m Kieron Maxwell Darlington T & F 3:12.22 Club Record
Apr Brian Martin Lambton Castle 10K trail 46:41, 1st in his age category
Apr Dave Thompson River Aire Ultra 48 miles 11 hours 55 minutes, ULTRA Marathon
May Dawn Richardson Pitstop 10k 39:19, 1st in her age category
May Wendy Colling Hardmoors 30 06:52:06, 30 miles ULTRA Marathon
May Rebecca Dodd Hardmoors 30 07:35:00 ULTRA Marathon
May Fred Tennant Cockfield Chase 3.5K trail 18:39, 1st in his age category
May Hayley Addison Hardmoors Wainstones 10k 1:44:03, 1st female finisher
May Dave Jones Hardmoors Wainstones marathon 5:43:49 Marathon
May Rebecca Jones Hardmoors Wainstones marathon 6:53:36 Marathon
May Dave Thompson Hardmoors Wainstones marathon 7:08:34 Marathon
May Paul Roberts Monkton Stadium in Jarrow 100m clocking 14.8s Club Record
May Dawn Richardson Wynyard 10K trail 41:07 Winner of the women’s race
May Angela Clement Windermere Marathon 4:38:00, Marathon
May Jo Meynell Windermere Marathon 5:02:43, Marathon
May Brian Martin Peterborough Marathon 3:17:24, Marathon
May Billy Harris Hardmoors 160 miles 42 hrs 3 mins, ULTRA Marathon, 6th finisher
May Wendy Colling Hardmoors 160 miles 51 hrs, ULTRA Marathon, 1st in age category, 2000 mile club
May Dawn Richardson Gateshead Half marathon 1:27:31, 2nd in her age category
June Claire Chapman Coniston Marathon 5:38:29, Marathon
June Dawn Richardson Kiplin 10k trail 40.19, 1st female finisher, 7th place overall
June April Corbett Kiplin 10k trail 50:45, 3rd in her age category
June Jennifer Hardy Hardmoors Whitehorse marathon 8:00:18, Marathon
June Hayley Addison Hardmoors Whitehorse 10k 1:08:25, 2nd female finisher
June Brian Martin Jarrow T & F 5000m 19:44 bronze medal for his age category
June Ian Bond Jarrow T & F Long Jump 4.52m Club record
June April Corbett Sunderland Half Marathon 1:47:12 PB
July Gill Colling Endure 24 Bramham Park 12 laps 60 miles, Club Record in her age category
July Phil Rutter Endure 24 Bramham Park 17 laps 85 miles
July Gary Read South Park Children with Cancer 5K 20:40, 7th place
July Dave Thompson Pennine Way 39 miles 9hrs 47 mins, ULTRA Marathon
July Brian Martin Alnwick Castle 10k trail 43:02 , 1st in his age category
July April Corbett Alnwick Castle 10k trail 50:40, 1st in her age category
July Julie Whinn Alnwick Castle 10k trail 58:40, 3rd in her age category
July Emily Beaumont Hey Up It’s Helmsley Ultra 6:50:33 ULTRA Marathon