2020 Achievement Round Up

by | Feb 5, 2021 | News

Over the last few years during Jan/Feb I have published a list of achievements that we have seen from our club. The list shows the performance of the members who have chosen to take part in events and have achieved a Personal Best time (PB), set or broken a Club Record, placed in their age category or were overall in the first ten finishers, completed a marathon or Ultra Marathon.

2020 was very different for everyone and with very little opportunity to participate in events we as a Club have continued to be amazing.

Club achievements are not just about events and times, there is a far bigger picture.  Reflecting back over the year it is incredible looking at what we did

  • Raised £300 for the Mowden Pub to help provide free meals to the elderly and isolated (Bonus Ball Draw)
  • Raised £300 for County Durham & Darlington NHS foundation Trust (Bonus Ball Draw)
  • Raised £116 for Darlington First Stop (Mar-At-Home) Challenge
  • Raised £350 for Robbie’s wheelchair appeal (Bonus Ball Draw)
  • Took part in many Virtual challenges, achieving mileage goals and collecting medals
  • Shielding members ran laps of their gardens
  • Participating in Tom’s weekly challenges which has resulted in us discovering new places to run and visiting areas both in and on the outskirts of town we didn’t know were on our doorstep
  • Looked out for each other, ran with either a single running buddy or in small groups when we could
  • Lockdown quizzes
  • The Management team and club officers have continued with their roles. There is a lot of work continuing in the background that we should thank everyone for such as the dealing with membership, finances, the running of the website, the updating of the website, member spotlights, management meetings to plan according to restrictions, social committee organising the charity draws and the rearranging of the ball. The coaches who were able to lead sessions when allowed.
  • Participating in Ian Bond’s summer challenge of one legged eyes closed, plank and standing jump.

We should all be very proud of what we have achieved as a Club over 2020 and give ourselves a round of applause.

If anyone hasn’t been included in the list below I apologise. I haven’t included the many virtual events that you may have completed with it being so difficult to track what everyone has been up to and with many not producing official results.


Jan Emily Beaumont Hardmoors 30 6:10:19
Jan Rachel McMahon Hardmoors 30 6:50:49
Jan Rebecca Howard Lamberhurst 10K 42:46 first in her age category
Jan Dave Jones Brass Monkey half marathon 1:23:26 PB
Jan Dawn Richardson Brass Monkey half 1:26:05 third in her age category
Jan Darren Wright Brass Monkey half 1:26:53 PB
Jan Andrew Dixon Brass Monkey half 1:46:39 PB
Jan David Matthew Steel River 5 miles tenth place overall in 31:18
Jan Dave Thompson Marathon Funchal marathon 4:20:49 and first in his age category
Feb Wendy Colling Marathon Saltburn 6:22
Feb Rachel McMahon Marathon Saltburn 7:40
Feb Diane Vaughan M’boro mile 6:50 first in her age category and breaking the club record
Feb Dawn Richardson Snake Lane 10miles 1:03:58 first in her age cat
Feb Brian Martin Snake Lane 10 miles 1:07:03 third in his age category
Feb Andrew Dixon Snake Lane 10 miles 1:18:12 PB
Feb Julie Russell Snake Lane 10 miles 1:20:21 PB
Feb Darren Alderson Snake Lane 10 miles 1:28:43 PB
Feb Stuart Hardcastle Ruthin 10K 49:07 third in his age category.
Feb Emily Beaumont Marathon Sir Titus Special 4:45:32 second lady overall
Mar Dave Jones Lightwater Valley 10k 38:43 first in his age category
Mar Brian Martin Lightwater Valley 10k 44:20 second in his age category
Mar Dawn Richardson M’boro 5k 19:12 Second female
Mar Phil Rutter 5k West Park tenth place
June Anthony Corbett Ultra Marathon Leeds Virtual Endure 24hr event 60 miles
June April Corbett Ultra Marathon Leeds Virtual Endure 24hr event
26 August Ian Bond 200m Club Record 29.6 previous Colin Smith 18/07/2016 36.4
26 Aug Ian Bond Shot Club Record 8:30
02 Sep Michael Joyeux 3km Club Record 10.22
02 Sep Dave Jones 3km Club Record 10:37
Aug Emily Beaumont Ultra Marathon 160 miles 1st Female 50h 31m
Aug Billy Harris Ultra Marathon 160 miles 47h 41m
Aug Dave Thompson Ultra Marathon 54 miles Nidderdale 14h 1m
Sep Ian Bond Shot Club Record 8:31 previous holder Ian with 8:30
Sep Ian Bond 800m Club Record 2:53.9
10 Oct Ian Bond 150m Club Record 22.59
10 Oct Ian Bond 1mile Club Record 6:10.92
04 Oct Anthony Corbett Marathon London Virtual Marathon 4:27:00
04 Oct April Corbett Marathon London Virtual Marathon 4:03:35
04 Oct Jeff Mariott Marathon London Virtual Marathon 4:38:18
04 Oct Phil Rutter Marathon London Virtual Marathon 4:31:50
04 Oct Brian Martin Marathon London Virtual Marathon 3:15:48
04 Oct Barbra Barker Marathon London Virtual Marathon 6:39:02
04 Oct Zoe Bourne Marathon London Virtual Marathon 8:10:20
04 Oct Angela Clement Marathon London Virtual Marathon 4:46:30
04 Oct Katherine Hackett Marathon London Virtual Marathon 3:22:29
04 Oct Dave Murphy Marathon London Virtual Marathon 4:14:59
04 Oct Diane Vaughan Marathon London Virtual Marathon 3:45:39
04 Oct Sue Woodcock Marathon London Virtual Marathon 4:28:03