2021 Achievements

by | Jan 3, 2022 | News

Happy New Year to everyone

As we welcome the New Year I have been looking back on the amazing club achievements throughout 2021 not all of which is actual running.  First of all we should congratulate everyone for providing support and positivity to each other throughout the various restrictions whether it has been buddying up to run together or by social media comments. This list will not have everything included but we all should be proud of ourselves.

  • Coaches were able to provide sessions whilst keeping to government guidelines to those wanting to attend with the assistance of Emma and Pip providing a booking system.
  • The Management Committee kept the club running with the aid of online virtual meetings.
  • Our first virtual annual AGM
  • Social Committee organised activities such as picnic in the park, a litter pick, a charity bonus ball and we were finally able to have the Anniversary Ball 18 months later than originally planned.
  • Ian Bond adapted the 5k parkrun challenge to work and be inclusive to members whilst parkrun could not be held.
  • Jeff Marriott kept us all singing and dancing with the monthly playlists
  • We raised £127.50 for MND from the charity bonus ball
  • Many members committed to virtual challenges from 5k through every distance to virtually running long distances to name a few such as the North Coast 500, Le-jog, Lands End to John O’ Groats
  • Emma and Michael running an online Christmas Quiz
  • Lisa Johnstone for creating the facility to buy the anniversary ball and bonus ball tickets and Ian Hart for sorting out the financials

Now for the actual running. Well done to everyone whether you have been running alone, attending Club Sessions or going for social runs together,  We have had a great year for Club Records, running marathons and age category placements. Those that I am aware of are listed here.  Going forward if you think you have set or broken a Club Record (you can find the current ones on our website) please email stats@quakersrunningclub.org.uk so that it can be verified and updated.

Wishing you all a great and injury free 2022

Name Event Achievement
Angela Clement Windermere Marathon Marathon 4:38:00
Angela Clement Virtual London Marathon 4:59:31
April Corbett Kiplin 10k trail 50:45, 3rd in age category
April Corbett Sunderland Half Marathon 1:47:12 PB
April Corbett Alnwick Castle 10k trail 50:40, 1st in age category
April Corbett Coxhoe 10k 2nd in age category
April Corbett Beamish Hall 10k 2nd in age category
April Corbett NT 10k Ormesby Hall 2nd female finisher
Billy Harris Hardmoors 160 miles 42 hrs 3 mins, Ultra Marathon, 6th finisher
Brian Martin Peterborough Marathon 3:17:24, Marathon
Brian Martin Jarrow T & F 5000m 19:44 bronze medal for his age category
Brian Martin Alnwick Castle 10k trail 43:02 , 1st in his age category
Brian Martin Darlington 10k 2nd in age category
Brian Martin Sheffield Half Marathon Club Record 1:29:04 and 3rd in age category
Brian Martin York Marathon 3:10:34 Club Record, 1st in age category, Gold for British Masters
Brian Martin Leeds Abbey Dash Club Record 39:11, 1st in age cat and England 10k rep
Brian Martin Lambton Castle 10K trail 46:41, 1st in his age category
Bridget Stewart Virtual London Marathon 6:56:06
Claire Chapman Coniston Marathon Marathon 5:38:29
Claire Chapman Shuttleworth Heritage 10k 3rd in age category
Claire Chapman Hardmoors 60 Ultra Marathon 16:43:59
Dan Orton Manchester Marathon Marathon 4:41:57
Darren Alderson Virtual London Marathon 5:10:24
Dave Jones 100m Kieron Maxwell Darlington T & F 14.43 Club Record
Dave Jones 1000m Kieron Maxwell Darlington T & F 3:12.22 Club Record
Dave Jones Hardmoors 55 Ultra Marathon 15:06:44
Dave Jones Hardmoors Wainstones marathon 5:43:49 Marathon
Dave Thompson River Aire Ultra 48 miles 11 hours 55 minutes, ULTRA Marathon
Dave Thompson Hardmoors Wainstones marathon 7:08:34 Marathon
Dave Thompson Pennine Way 39 miles 9hrs 47 mins, Ultra Marathon
Dave Thompson Sedgefield parkrun Club Record 24:28
Dave Thompson Sedgefield parkrun Club Record 24:24
Dave Thompson Jolly Holly Jog Ripon 1st in age category 55:57
David Thompson Pathfinder 25 2nd in age category 6:05
David Thompson Lee Valley Velo park 1st in age category 1:49:09
Dawn Richardson Pitstop 10k 39:19, 1st in her age category, Club Record
Dawn Richardson Wynyard 10K trail 41:07 Winner of the women’s race
Dawn Richardson Gateshead Half marathon 1:27:31, 2nd in her age category
Dawn Richardson Kiplin 10k trail 40.19, 1st female finisher, 7th place overall
Dawn Richardson Darlington 10k 38:50 Club record
Dawn Richardson Darlington 10k 38:50 1st in age cat, 2nd female finisher
Dawn Richardson Chester half marathon 3rd in age category
Dawn Richardson 5m Thornaby North East Project 5m Club Record 32:42
Diane Vaughan South Park parkrun 23.36 Club Record
Diane Vaughan Quayside 5k 23.33 Club Record
Diane Vaughan Try on the Tyne 5k 1st in age category and 3rd female
Diane Vaughan London Summer run 10k 47.56 Club Record
Diane Vaughan Yorkshire 10 miles Club Record 1:18:23
Diane Vaughan Leeds Abbey Dash Club Record 46:03, 3rd in age cat and England qualifier
Emily Beaumont Hey Up It’s Helmsley Ultra 6:50:33 Ultra Marathon
Emily Beaumont Fryupdale Marathon 6:38:26
Emily Beaumont Hardmoors 60 Ultra Marathon 17:07:59
Emily Beaumont Goathland Marathon Marathon 6:35:27
Fred Tennant Cockfield Chase 3.5K trail 18:39, 1st in his age category
Fred Tennant Manchester Marathon Marathon 3:37:57 PB
Gary Read South Park Children with Cancer 5K 20:40, 7th place
Gill Colling Endure 24 Bramham Park 12 laps 60 miles, Club Record in her age category
Gillian Harris Virtual London Marathon 7:37:41
Hayley Addison Hardmoors Wainstones 10k 1:44:03, 1st female finisher
Hayley Addison Hardmoors Whitehorse 10k 1:08:25, 2nd female finisher
Ian Bond Jarrow T & F Long Jump 4.52m Club record
Ian Bond Middlesbrough Hammer Club Record 17.74
Jeff Marriott Dalton Park 10k 2nd in age category 59:57
Jennifer Hardy Hardmoors Whitehorse marathon 8:00:18, Marathon
Jo Meynell Windermere Marathon 5:02:43, Marathon
Jo Meynell York Marathon Marathon 4:47:24
Jo Meynell Virtual London Marathon 4:54:52
Julie Whinn Alnwick Castle 10k trail 58:40, 3rd in her age category
Julie Whinn Leeds Abbey Dash Club Record 54:07
Linda Gossage Darlington 10k 1:23:47 Club Record
Linda Gossage parkrun Darlington Club Record 50:09
Louise Trainor London Marathon Marathon 4:05:43
Marc Ellis Scarborough 10k 1st in age category 38:21
Melissa Hird London Marathon Marathon 4:49:44
Michael Oliver London Marathon Marathon 4:36:00
Paul Roberts Monkton Stadium in Jarrow 100m clocking 14.8s Club Record
Phil Rutter Endure 24 Bramham Park 17 laps 85 miles
Rebecca Dodd Hardmoors 30 07:35:00 ULTRA Marathon
Rebecca Howard Langdale Half Marathon 1st female finisher 1:42:39
Rebecca Jones Hardmoors Wainstones marathon 6:53:36 Marathon
Rebecca Jones Hardmoors 55 Ultra Marathon 15:06:42
Sally Singleton Darlington 10k 1:03:40 Club Record
Sally Singleton London Marathon Club Record 5:45:32, Marathon
Sally Singleton parkrun Darlington Club Record 35:22
Sally Singleton park run Darlington Club Record in age category 33:42
Scott Beaumont Fryupdale Marathon 6:38:26
Scott Beaumont Hardmoors 60 Ultra Marathon 17:07:59
Scott Beaumont Goathland Marathon Marathon 6:35:27
Tom Chapman Shuttleworth Heritage 10k 1st in age category and 5th overall
Wendy Colling Hardmoors 30 06:52:06, 30 miles ULTRA Marathon
Wendy Colling Hardmoors 160 miles 51 hrs, Ultra Marathon, 1st in age category, 2000 mile club
Wendy Colling Fryupdale Marathon, 1st in age category 6:55:12
Wendy Colling Hardmoors 60 Ultra Marathon 17:34:48