Press Report w/e 30/08/2015

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Press Reports

Most Quakers were to be found in the park last week for the latest of the summer relay events where, unlike at the World Athletics Championships, all our runners managed to get the baton round safely!

Stewart Park in Middlesbrough was host to the Tom Wall Relay event, where teams of four each completed a one mile lap of the park. The first team to finish were the Dambusters, comprising Mark Robinson, Dale Chapman (running twice) and Rob Dent in 23:09. They were followed by Danny Gordon, Paul Dalton, Brian Martin and Michael Joyeux (the Quakers 200 Club) in 23:25, Graham Park, Sue New, Lou Trainor and Ian Readman (Quakers Plan B) in 25:55, Lewis Boshier, Andrew Dixon, Dave Brown and Gary Read (Team Plodders) in 26:19, Katherine Hackett, Wendy Noble, Darren Wright and Dawn Richardson (The Quintessential Quartet) in 26:20, Rob Gillham, Paul Roberts, Gavin Armstrong and Lee Morris (Quaker Gram) in 27:07, Ewan Henderson, David Ledgerwood, James Simpson and Billy Harris (The Young and Reckless) in 27:56, Stephen McAllister, Paul Ryan, Stephen Moore and Emily Mann (The Mostly Stephens) in 28:19, Gillian Harris, Sandra Martin, Abbie Hull and Clare Stradling (The Quaker Ladies) in 29:43 and Michelle Boshier, Rebecca Bowes, Gemma Marshall and Rebecca Howard (The Girlie Plodders) in 30:02.

For the second week in a row a Quaker was to be found running in Dumfries, this time at the Doonhamer 10K where Paul Roberts completed the run in 44:24.

Midweek had also seen the Sessay Swift 6K race near Thirsk. Louise Trainor was the sole Quaker there, finishing the fairly unique distance in 26:28.

Those that fancied something a little different headed to Tees Barrage to complete the annual Rat Race, which covered a 10K distance both in and out of the river! James Simpson completed the race in 1:39:19 along with Gemma Marshall & Michelle Boshier (1:50:17), Lyn Hatch (2:09:07) and Julie McKernon 2:20:16.

Out on the hills, Andrew Lambe was competing in the RAB Mini Mountain marathon. Held on the Skiddaw Mountain range in the Northern Lake District, he finished the event in 17th place overall.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished the run at South Park in 18:37 followed by Dawn Richardson (19:19), Andrew Vernon (19:48), Michael Kay (20:02), Richard Coulson (20:29), David Todd (20:55), Nick Wadd (20:57), Nick Mason (21:45), David Whittle (22:25), Francis Connolly (22:31), Louise Trainor (23:00), Ewan Henderson (23:04), Gavin Armstrong (23:45), Iain Clyde (23:47), Dale Chapman (25:07), Colin Smith (25:21), Gary Read (26:20), Jeff Marriott (26:47), Hazel Commane (27:29), Sally Singleton (27:46, PB), Lee Morris (27:54), Joanne Dewar (28:29), Mark Trowles (29:06), Michelle Scruby (29:36), Diane Adkins (32:13), Fin Fox (33:06), Paul Ryan (34:11), Adrian Dent (38:23) and Paula Roberts (49:49).

At the Riverside run, Paul Dalton finished first in 17:07, along with Clare Stradling in 24:37. Stephen Moore did the run at Albert Park in 21:47, while Gill Wallis ran at Sedgefield in 35:24.

img-1 Quakers runners posing (or in some cases lying down!) for the camera after the Stewart Park relays