Press Report w/e 06/09/2015

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Press Reports

A busy week of running saw most Quakers heading just down for the road for the latest of the 10K league races.

There was a large turnout of black and white vests at the Tees Pride 10K race in Middlesbrough, where Paul Dalton completed the one lap course in 35:17 (PB), followed by Marc Ellis (39:23), Michael Thompson (40:13), Andrew Vernon (41:22), Katherine Hackett (42:02), Darren Wright (42:41), Louise Trainor (43:06), Rob Gillham (43:21), Andrew Walker (45:03), Stephen Moore (45:06), Paul Roberts (45:28), Peter Dods (45:45), Michael Oliver (46:48), Rebecca Howard (47:07), Bridget Stewart (47:51, PB), Danny Gordon (48:34), Clare Stradling (49:19, PB), Sarah Watson (49:57), John Brant (52:23), Ian Young (52:58), Rebecca Bowes (53:03), Colin Smith (53:09), Jeff Marriott (53:44), Wendy Noble (56:30), Sally Singleton (56:41), Lisa Johnstone (57:23), Hannah Robinson (57:25), Alec Cinamon (58:06), Caroline Litster (58:12), Michelle Scruby (1:00:08), Juelz Lee-Deckard (1:01:29), Lucy Bendle (1:03:03), Linda Harrington (1:18:48), Neil Harrington (1:18:49) and Jane Bell (1:24:31).

Three runners travelled over to Lancashire for the Golden Ball 20 mile race at Lancaster where Nick Mason finished in 2:21:33 and in 10th place overall, along with Graham Park (2:58:39) and Sue New (3:55:57).

Nearer to home at the Tholthorpe 10K race near York, Simon Farley-Smith completed the run in 48:46 followed by Emily Mann (54:42), Julie Whinn (55:28), Lena Rusa (56:18) and Alan Prest (1:05:54).

Midweek had also seen the Autumn Coast Road 5K race at Redcar. Paul Dalton finished the two lap route along the seafront in 17:21 along with Brian Martin (18:30, PB and first in his age category), Darren Wright (20:21, PB), Gary Read (20:22, PB), Phil Rutter (20:43), Louise Trainor (21:32), Danny Gordon (25:03 and first in his age category), Emily Mann (25:30), Colin Smith (25:50), Michelle Boshier (26:07), Lewis Boshier (26:07), Julie Whinn (26:09), Sally Singleton (27:44) and Diane Adkins (31:16).

Also running a 5K, but this time off road, was Diane Adkins, who completed the Castle Eden trail race, which took in part of the named walkway, in 37:13.

Those fancying something at the more extreme end headed to Catterick for the annual Paras 10 race. Lewis Boshier did the 10 mile run in 2:26:21, with mum Michelle completing the 10 mile Tab (including carrying 35lb worth of kit) in 2:26:48.

Heading over to the Lake District was Andy Whittam, who completed the Derwentwater 15K trail challenge race, which took in a climb of 1,300 feet, in 1:53:06.

The previous week had seen the inaugural Auckland Castle 5 mile trail race at Bishop Auckland. Paul Dalton finished second overall in 32:50, followed by Ian Readman (37:01), Louise Trainor (41:50), Mark Blewitt (49:23), Wendy Noble (55:13), James Simpson (58:45), Lucy Bendle (1:01:41), Diane Adkins (1:04:22) and Gill Wallis (1:07:03).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dale Chapman finished at South Park in 19:30 followed by Dawn Richardson (20:00), Paul Roberts (22:14), Rob Gillham (22:27), Gary Read (23:42), Simon Farley-Smith (24:53), Andrew Dixon (26:04), Mark Blewitt (26:11), Julie Whinn (26:38), Jeff Marriott (27:00), Mark Trowles (27:11), Lee Morris (27:14, PB), Rebecca Bowes (27:23), Paul Ryan (27:26), Michelle Boshier (27:52), Lewis Boshier (27:53), Iain Clyde (28:28), Fin Fox (29:26), Hazel Commane (29:40), Peter Commane (29:41), Michael King (31:31) and Duncan O’neil (32:01).

At Sedgefield, Phil Rutter completed the run there in 22:15 along with Dave Thompson (23:27), Gemma Marshall (26:33), Gill Colling (30:44) and Diane Adkins (34:35). Abbie Hull ran at Tees Barrage in 26:20, Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 21:48, while Lyn Hatch did the run at Northallerton in 26:33. Further afield, Ty Hankinson did the Fell Foot parkrun, on the shore of Lake Windermere, in 22:31.

Lee Morris quite literally flying into the finish for a PB at South Park Lee Morris quite literally flying into the finish for a PB at South Park