Press Report w/e 16/08/2015

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Press Reports

In a week where the majority of runners headed off-road, two Quakers ended their days races on the coast by claiming some silverware.

Although official results are still to come from the latest Hardmoors Trail event at Saltburn, the event did witness Michael Joyeux finishing first in the half marathon distance, while as a result of completing the marathon, Wendy Colling became just the eighth person to have completed 1000 miles of Hardmoors events, and so join a very exclusive club.

At Billingham, which was hosting the Ray Harrison 10K, Michael Parry finished in 35:11 and eighth overall, followed by Paul Dalton (38:32), Stephen Moore (44:10), Rob Gillham (45:31), Steve McAllister (47:12), Danny Gordon (49:04 and first in his age category), Colin Smith (54:14), Hannah Robinson (1:01:33) and Alan Prest (1:05:07).

Four headed to Gateshead for the trail 10K race there, which snaked its way through the Derwent Walk Country Park. Julien Deckard completed the route in 52:06 along with James Simpson (55:43), Lena Rusa (56:42) and Juelz Lee-Deckard (1:07:39).

Also heading off road were Kathryn and Tristan Griffin who completed the multi-terrain Scorton Feast Memorial 10K near Catterick; the two coming home together in 58:36.

Midweek had also seen the York Millennium Bridge 5K race where Nick Mason finished in 18:41.

Two weeks previously had seen the Quaker 1-2 finish at the Stockton Summer 5K trail race at Pinchinthorpe where Michael Parry won the race in 16:30 just ahead of Michael Joyeux in 16:35. They were followed by Rob Dent (19:53), Ewan Henderson (19:57), Darren Wright (20:47), Phil Rutter (21:12), Gary Read (22:00), Ty Hankinson (22:51), Lewis Boshier (27:24), Michelle Boshier (27:24), Hannah Robinson (28:40), Wendy Noble (29:17), Sally Singleton (29:52), Gill Colling (30:09), Diane Adkins (32:15) and Gill Wallis (33:14).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished the run at South Park in 18:34 followed by Peter Commane (19:01), Dale Chapman (19:32), Michael Joyeux (19:42), Mark Robinson (19:43), Rob Dent (20:18), Rob Gillham (22:00), David Whittle (22:23), Steve Mcallister (22:26), Zoe Rothery (22:50), Paul Roberts (24:07), Simon Farley-Smith (24:31), Danny Gordon (25:18), John Brant (25:25), Iain Clyde (25:43), Fin Fox (25:48), Gemma Marshall (26:18), Phill Hall (26:43), Lewis Boshier (27:15), Michelle Boshier (27:18), Gary Read (27:42), Lisa Johnstone (28:02), Rebecca Bowes (28:03), Sally Singleton (28:14), Joanne Dewar (28:35), Duncan O’neil (30:27), Michael King (30:57), Sarah Kane (31:57), Paula Roberts (32:46), Mark Trowles (32:51), Paul Ryan (33:22), Hazel Commane (33:35), Darren Wright (37:27) and Adrian Dent (40:42).

At Stewart Park, Paul Dalton finished first in 18:07, followed by Andrew Vernon (20:22), while at Albert Park Stephen Moore did the run there in 21:26. April Corbett and Diane Adkins completed the run at Sedgefield in 24:46 and 34:48 respectively while Michelle Scruby headed up to Newcastle, finishing in 31:05.

Further afield, two headed down to St Albans, where Clare Stradling finished in 24:05 (PB) along with Julie Remmer (37:38) while Peter Rowley did the run at Leeds in 25:05.

Wendy Colling (or number 8 as she is now known!) with her Hardmoors 1000 miles certificate and plaque Wendy Colling (or number 8 as she is now known!) with her Hardmoors 1000 miles certificate and plaque