Press Report w/e 12/07/2015

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Press Reports

Once again the North Yorkshire Moors played host to the Quakers, though on this occasion, the majority were to be found supporting rather than running.

The 51st edition of the Lyke Wake Race took place on Saturday, with the club taking over the organisation of the event for the first time, including marshalling all of the checkpoints along the course. Covering a 42 mile distance from Osmotherley to Ravenscar, Michael King completed the route in 7 hours 50 minutes, with Darren Wright coming home in 9 hours 31 minutes. An honourable mention must also go to Gary Read who completed 25 miles before injury forced him to withdraw.

There was a large turnout at the Kilburn Feast 7 Mile run, in a race that saw Quakers take two of the top five placings. Michael Joyeux finished third overall in 41:18, with Michael Parry fifth in 42:05. They were followed by Andrew Vernon (52:28), Stephen Moore (54:15), Graham Park (54:39), Rob Gillham (55:15), Richard Hughes (56:24), Diane Vaughan (56:55), Stephen McAllister (58:57), Michael Oliver (59:01), Simon Rek (1:00:42), Rebecca Howard (1:01:52), Sarah Watson (1:02:44), Rebecca Bowes (1:03:10), Michelle Boshier (1:05:31), Janet Bowlby (1:06:41), Emily Mann (1:08:47), Lyn Hatch (1:09:14), Lena Rusa (1:09:15), Julie Whinn  (1:09:50), Hannah Robinson (1:10:40), Caroline Litster (1:13:36), Sarah Leach (1:13:36), Claire Norman (1:16:06), Alan Prest (1:17:41) and Diane Adkins (1:24:43).

Down in Leeds, Paul Dalton finished the 10K race there in 35:36, with Carol Penney coming home in 1:01:58.

Midweek had seen the Bridges of the Tyne 5 mile race up at Newcastle. Paul Dalton completed the riverside run in 28:58 (and first in his age category) along with Ian Readman (31:45), Nick Mason (32:41), Diane Vaughan (37:21), Michael Oliver (37:37), Richard Hughes (39:12) and Neil Harrington (39:28).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux finished at South Park in 17:36 followed by Marc Ellis (19:13), Nick Mason (20:21), Rob Gillham (22:05), Adrian Gooding (22:09), Zoe Rothery (22:14), Steve Mcallister (23:09), Ty Hankinson (23:31), Gavin Armstrong (24:41), Dale Chapman (24:42), Andrew Dixon (24:44), Danny Gordon (25:38), Fin Fox (26:10), John Brant (26:17), Mark Blewitt (26:25), Mark Trowles (26:56), Jeff Marriott (27:26), Lisa Johnstone (27:47), Paul Ryan  (28:22), Wendy Noble (28:30), Juelz Lee-Deckard (28:56), Lewis Boshier (29:02), Duncan O’neil (29:35), Lee Morris (30:10), Michelle Scruby (30:16), Lucy Bendle (33:48) and Martin Rowell (43:08).

At Albert Park, Stephen Moore completed the run there in 21:05, while further afield, Kevin Scott ran at Harrogate in 26:39 and Peter Rowley did the run at Keswick in 26:15.

The smiles say it all! Michael King and Darren Wright looking understandably delighted at the end of the Lyke Wake Race The smiles say it all! Michael King and Darren Wright looking understandably delighted at the end of the Lyke Wake Race