Press Report w/e 05/07/2015

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Press Reports

In the week the club celebrated its 20th anniversary, appropriately enough there was also the sight of a Quaker crossing the line first in a race.

That occurred at Hamsterley Forest, where Michael Joyeux finished first in the 11 mile trail race in 1:08:18, with Diane Adkins also completing the route in 2:22:00. Over the longer 18.5 mile distance, Nick Mason finished in 2:28:47.

Midweek saw the latest 10K league race take place just down the road at Croft Circuit, where the very muggy conditions on the night made running a challenge for just about everyone there. Michael Parry was first home for the club, and eighth overall, in 36:00, followed by Nick Mason (39:08), Michael Thompson (41:12), Andrew Vernon (43:05), Mark Robinson (43:29), Darren Wright (44:36), Gary Read (46:35), Graham Park (47:28), Phil Clarke (47:45), Rob Gillham (48:12), Paul Roberts (48:15), Michael Oliver (49:24), Stephen Mcallister (49:56), Bridget Stewart (50:29), Phill Hall (53:14), Sarah Watson (54:15), Matthew Hall (54:57), John Brant (56:14), Colin Smith (58:05), Paul Ryan (58:23), Ian Young (59:05), Lena Rusa (59:32), Pam Barrass (1:00:23), Hannah Robinson (1:00:35), Terri Deighton (1:02:07), Alec Cinamon (1:02:41) and Paula Roberts (1:10:54).

Also running on the same night were Paul Dalton and Clare Stradling who completed the Tynedale 10K race in 38:42 and 51:18 respectively.

The weekend saw some head up to Gateshead for the Great North 10K. Paul Dalton finished in 35:43 along with Dale Chapman (40:12), Nick Mason (43:05), Rebecca Bowes (53:28), Paul Rossington (59:14), Andy Whittam (1:02:02), Clair Bage (1:04:45), Lee Morris (1:09:00), Linda Harrington (1:21:22) and Neil Harrington (1:21:23).

In the latest NYSD track meet at Middlesbrough, Paul Roberts ran in the 800m event in 68.6 seconds, setting yet another club record for his age category in the process.

Six headed out to the North Yorkshire Moors to complete The Crosses, a 53 mile circular challenge in aid of Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue. Anthony Corbett, April Corbett and Sandra Cass all completed the route together in 15 hours 2 minutes, with Abbie Hull and Michelle Boshier coming home in 15 hours 30 minutes and Emily Beaumont in 18 hours 11 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 19:04 followed by Steve Snook (20:16), Richard Coulson (20:25), Mark Robinson (21:46), Rob Gillham (22:46), Julien Deckard (24:13), Ty Hankinson (24:15), Danny Gordon (24:20), Gavin Armstrong (25:34), Peter Rowley (25:38), Rebecca Bowes (25:56), Bev Snook (26:23), Mark Trowles (27:48), Lisa Johnstone (27:50), Terri Deighton (27:51), Paul Ryan (27:53), Fin Fox (28:11), Juelz Lee-Deckard (28:22), Duncan O’neil (29:16), Michael Oliver (29:47), Gary Read (30:16), Nick Wadd (32:27), Michael King (32:33) and Adrian Dent (39:13).

At Sedgefield, Phil Rutter completed the run there in 21:58 along with Dave Thompson (23:11), Mark Colling (24:47), Wendy Colling (25:49), Richard Payne (26:40), Gill Colling (31:07) and Jill Wallis (35:49), while at Tees Barrage John Brant ran there in 27:05.

Michael Parry on his way to a top ten finish at the Pitstop 10K Michael Parry on his way to a top ten finish at the Pitstop 10K