Press Report w/e 01/11/2015

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Press Reports

There were hills aplenty last week as Quakers tackled some very undulating races, though for some runners there were a couple of chances to give the fancy dress outfits an airing as well!

The biggest turnout was down at Ripley for the Guy Fawkes 10 mile race, where the not-so-delightful climbs along the way meant everyone who ran certainly earned the amount of chocolate in the post-race goody bags. Dawn Richardson was first home for the club in 1:12:03, followed by Katherine Hackett (1:13:49), Marc Ellis (1:15:03), Andrew Vernon (1:15:23), David Mclachlan (1:18:22), Phil Rutter (1:20:19), David Todd (1:20:45), Gary Read (1:21:34), Andrew Walker (1:22:42), Rob Gillham (1:23:08), Stephen Moore (1:24:59), Wendy Colling (1:30:51), Sarah Watson (1:32:37), Sandra Cass (1:35:17), Nicola Howe (1:36:55), Mark Colling (1:38:11), Ian Readman (1:38:11), Jamie Norman (1:39:34), Pamela Barrass (1:39:41), Gillian Harris (1:39:52), Janet Bowlby (1:40:35), Julie Whinn (1:40:46), Jamie Burn (1:41:37), Anne Bartram (1:43:17), James Simpson (1:46:59), Kevin Simpson (1:47:14), Gill Colling (1:47:25), Kevin Bartram (1:47:26), Billy Harris (1:48:47), Claire Norman (1:50:34), Lisa Johnstone (1:51:25), Lewis Boshier (1:54:28), Michelle Boshier (1:54:28) and Fiona Dixon (1:58:36).

Up in Newcastle, Alec Cinnamon was the sole Quaker at the Town Moor Half Marathon. Held over a two and a half lap course around the Exhibition Park and Town Moor, he finished in 2:30:21 (and second in his age category).

Two runners headed over to the Lake District for the Derwentwater 10 mile race, which took in a route around the lake itself. Paul Dalton finished the undulating course in 1:01:49 with Robert Kirby coming home in 1:31:27.

Also venturing off road was Paul Roberts, who took part in the Guisborough Moors fell race. Covering 12.4 miles and taking in over 2,700 feet of climb (which included Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook’s Monument), he finished the route in 2:39:30.

Julien Deckard and Juelz Lee-Deckard pulled double duty at the weekend with the duo taking part in a pair of races. Saturday saw them complete the Northern Skeleton Run, a 5 mile night-time trail race around Whinlatter Forest, together in 1:14, while on Sunday they headed to Sunderland for the 5K race there, with Julien finishing in 26:01 and Juelz in 34:03.

Midweek had seen the night-time Halloween trail race around the Tees Barrage, which gave some of those running the opportunity to don some scary looking outfits for the evening. Darren Wright finished the 5K route in 21:33 (and eighth overall), followed by Andrew Stephenson (23:00), Richard Hughes (24:48), Diane Vaughan (25:38), Clare Stradling (28:50), Andy Whittam (29:32), James Simpson (29:33), Fin Fox (30:02), Mark Blewitt (30:29), Matt Jackson (33:04), Joanne Todd (34:41), Paul Dalton (35:57), Lewis Boshier (37:30), Michelle Boshier (37:31) and Gary Read (40:23).

The previous week had seen the first of the Winter Tees Trail 5K races held at Wynyard. Peter Rowley finished the one-lap route in 27:04 followed by Gary Read (27:43), Dale Chapman (27:43), Alec Cinamon (28:26), Danny Gordon (28:27), Paul Ryan (29:33), Lucy Bendle (34:31), Gill Wallis (36:04) and Jane Bell (42:32).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, South Park was witness to several skeletons, vampires and witches as runners turned up in fancy dress to mark Halloween. Dale Chapman and Dave Jones finished together in 19:47, followed by Rob Dent (19:50), Paul Dalton (20:37), Simon Farley-Smith (23:10), Paul Roberts (23:26), Matthew Hall (23:43), Peter Rowley (24:40), Iain Clyde (24:48), Gavin Armstrong (25:11), Helen Brown (25:21), James Simpson (25:59), Rob Gillham (26:21), Julien Deckard (26:28), Gary Read (26:48), Danny Gordon (27:00), Fin Fox (27:31), Paul Ryan (27:50), Joanne Dewar (28:08 and a new club record for her age category), Lee Morris (28:14), Lewis Boshier (28:18), Michelle Boshier (28:22), Sally Singleton (28:23), Jeff Marriott (28:44), Andy Whittam (28:45), Michelle Scruby (29:28), Duncan O’neil (30:15), Darren Wright (34:06), Michael King (34:07), Jan Waite (34:22) and Andrew Dixon (40:54).

At Albert Park, Stephen Moore finished in 22:07 along with Richard Hughes (22:54) and Diane Vaughan (23:04) while Alan Prest did the run at Durham in 33:27. Over at Sedgefield, Richard Payne completed the run in 25:51 followed by Diane Adkins (33:52) and Jill Wallis (34:28), while Lena Rusa ran at Fountains Abbey in 34:03. Further afield Kevin Scott ran at Harrogate in 24:34 while down in the capital, Hazel Commane did the run at Finsbury Park in 29:10.

Paul Roberts, with a hazy Roseberry Topping in the background, on possibly the only flat part of his fell race! Paul Roberts, with a hazy Roseberry Topping in the background, on possibly the only flat part of his fell race!