Press Report w/e 04/10/2015

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Press Reports

In a week that saw the first of this year’s individual cross country events, the black and white vest made what could well have been its first ever appearance in the Caribbean.

A large group headed to the coast for the cross country event at Whitby, where the recent nice weather made the course much more bearable than last year. The women’s race, which also included the over 65 men, covered 5.4K over two different sized laps. Rebecca Howard completed the route in 25:56 along with Wendy Colling (27:50), April Corbett (28:12), Danny Gordon (29:10), Gillian Harris (30:22), Sandra Martin (30:53), Gill Colling (34:27), Hannah Robinson (34:40) and Claire Norman (34:43).

The men’s race saw runners cover 9.3K over a three lap course. Michael Parry finished in 36:56, just ahead of Brian Martin in 37:06 and followed by Michael Kay (39:45), Andrew Vernon (39:55), Darren Wright (40:03), David Todd (41:34), Billy Harris (41:50), Phil Rutter (42:06), Paul Roberts (42:29), Graham Park (42:33), Rob Gillham (43:14), Gary Read (43:34), Michael Oliver (45:09), Mark Colling (47:10), Jamie Norman (48:36) and Alec Cinamon (56:11).

Those that didn’t fancy putting their spikes on headed over to Cumbria for a variety of races there. Three runs were on offer at a scenic Kielder; in the marathon distance Sandra Cass completed the undulating route in 4:30:59, just ahead of Nicola Howe in a new PB of 4:31:43. Also recording a new personal best was Paul Ryan who ran the half marathon in 2:10:32. Meanwhile in the 10K event, Clair Bage finished in 1:02:12.

Further north, at the Great Cumbrian half marathon, which started and finished in Carlisle, Paul Dalton completed the distance in 1:21:31 along with Jeff Marriott in 1:57:10.

Nearer to home at the Foston & Thornton-le-Clay 10K race in North Yorkshire, Richard Hughes finished the countryside route in 45:51 along with Diane Vaughan in 47:28 (and coming first in her age category).

The trio of Annette Clarke, Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson were out on the hills again, this time for the Saltersgate Circuit, an event raising funds for the Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue. The route covered 24 miles over the North Yorkshire Moors; the three finishing together in 5 hours 55 minutes.

Flying the Quaker flag overseas was Marc Ellis, who took part in the 5K race in the Cayman Islands, finishing in fourth place overall in 19:32.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton finished first at South Park in 16:59, followed by Andrew Vernon (19:21), David Todd (20:35), Richard Coulson (20:50), David Mclachlan (21:07), Andrew Dixon (22:49, PB), David Brown (23:08), Paul Roberts (23:46), Nick Wadd (24:05), Fin Fox (24:29, PB), Ty Hankinson (24:38), Neil Harrington (24:56), Gemma Marshall (25:16, PB), Sarah Watson (25:28), Julie Whinn (25:49), Paul Rossington (26:18), Jeff Marriott (26:29), Lewis Boshier (26:57), Michelle Boshier (27:01), Mark Trowles (27:07), Lee Morris (27:28), Sally Singleton (27:35), Rebecca Bowes (27:36), Duncan O’neil (29:43), Nigel Walker (30:28), Gary Read (32:42), Jan Waite (33:17) and Michael King (33:18).

At Albert Park, Mark Robinson finished there in 18:39 along with Stephen Moore (22:20) and Danny Gordon (24:43), while at Sedgefield, Mark Colling and Mark Blewitt finished in 25:50 and 25:51 respectively. Rebecca Howard completed the Fountains Abbey run in 22:14, while Kevin Scott ran at Harrogate in 27:20.

Further afield, Peter Rowley did the run at Keswick in 26:17, while Clare Apps ran at Leamington in 23:36.

img Graham Park reacts to being told he’s still got two more laps of the cross country to do!