Press Report w/e 27/09/2015

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Press Reports

The seaside was the place to be for most Quakers last weekend, as several black and white vests descended onto Redcar, though sadly minus their bucket and spades!

Both a half marathon and 5K race were on offer, with some attempting the former for the very first time. The flat course and ideal weather conditions also enabled several runners to set new personal bests in both events. First home for the club over the 13.1 mile distance was Paul Dalton in 1:18:26, followed by Michael Thompson (1:28:33), Ian Readman (1:30:14, PB), Gary Read (1:31:09, PB), Rob Gillham (1:38:51), Andrew Walker (1:41:09), Diane Vaughan (1:43:15), Stephen Moore (1:44:28), Michael Oliver (1:46:43), Paul Roberts (1:46:51), Gavin Armstrong (1:48:04), Simon Rek (1:48:13), Dale Chapman (1:48:32), Sarah Watson (1:48:33, PB), Neil Harrington (1:48:33), Danny Gordon (1:51:14), Rebecca Bowes (1:54:16, PB), Andrew Dixon (1:54:56, PB), Clare Stradling (1:57:02), Jeff Marriott (1:57:22), Janet Bowlby (2:02:06), Sarah Wilson (2:02:08), Pamela Barrass (2:03:00), Alec Cinamon (2:11:34), Kevin Simpson (2:14:39), Jamie Burn (2:14:40), Paula Roberts (2:16:03), Samuel Joblin (2:17:04), Claire Norman (2:17:18), Michelle Scruby (2:22:44, PB) and Keying Li (2:26:45). In the 5K event, Lewis and Michelle Boshier finished together in 24:45 (a PB for the pair of them), along with Diane Adkins in 28:31.

Up in Northumberland, Phil Clarke and Anna Leach took part in the Haltwhistle half marathon, finishing the race in 1:41:29 and 1:58:44 respectively.

Meanwhile at the Robin Hood half marathon, unsurprisingly held in Nottingham, Juelz Lee-Deckard and Julien Deckard completed the run there together in 2:31:52.

One of the few heading off road was Richard Payne, who completed the Great Grizedale 10 mile trail run in the Lake District in 1:35:28.

Nearer to home at the Acklam Grange 5K trail race, Mark Blewitt finished in 26:06 along with Peter Rowley (27:53), Wendy Noble (29:13) and Lucy Bendle (33:51).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Andrew Vernon finished at South Park in 19:07 (PB) followed by Dale Chapman (19:58), Nick Wadd (20:49), David Whittle (21:26), Simon Farley-Smith (22:13), Gavin Armstrong (23:49), Paul Roberts (23:59), Sarah Watson (24:46), Jeff Marriott (25:52), Julie Whinn (26:00), Sally Singleton (27:16, PB), Paul Rossington (27:34), Andy Whittam (27:39), Fin Fox (27:59), Paul Ryan (29:20), Iain Clyde (29:30), Duncan O’neil (29:30), Nichola Jordan (30:43), Lisa Johnstone (30:44), Nigel Walker (31:38), Michael King (31:45), Fiona Dixon (34:21) and Emma Joyeux (39:08).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson completed the run in 22:48 along with April Corbett (25:57), Mark Colling (28:47), Wendy Colling (28:49) and Lucy Bendle (38:08), while at Albert Park, Stephen Moore and Paula Roberts finished there in 21:58 and 30:46 respectively. Gary Read did the run at Northallerton in 21:50 along with Peter Rowley in 25:32, Rebecca Howard completed the Fountains Abbey run in 22:33, while Anthony Corbett headed down to York, finishing there in 24:30.

A happy looking Diane Adkins coming into the finish at Redcar A happy looking Diane Adkins coming into the finish at Redcar