Press Report w/e/ 21/09/2014

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Press Reports

It was off-road all the way last weekend, with both the latest club championship race and the start of the cross country season. Choosing between the two proved that difficult for three runners, they ended up doing both on the same day.

At the Sedgefield Serpentine race, Michael Joyeux finished second overall in the 6.5 mile trail distance in 37:16. He was followed in by Colin Wild (44:02), Rob Dent (44:45), David Thompson (47:45), Gary Read (47:49), Richard Payne (52:55), April Corbett (52:56), Danny Gordon (53:17 and first in his age category), Sandra Cass (57:37), Rebecca Bowes (1:00:25), Julie Whinn (1:01:45), John Whinn (1:02:45), Sally Singleton (1:03:48), Gill Colling (1:05:37), Claire Norman (1:06:19) and Diane Adkins (1:15:58).

The first of the NYSD Cross Country events took place at Thirsk, with the relay events. Both events took place over a 3.5km circuit, with the women’s teams comprising three runners and the men’s four. Such was the turnout that Quakers comprised almost a quarter of the entire field.

The ladies fielded five teams of which Rebecca Howard, Lesley Miller and Sarah Watson finished in 53:10, followed by Lindsey Lester, Claire Norman and Abbie Hull (57:58), Bev Snook, Lyndsey Hannah and Michelle Boshier (59:19), Julie Jefferies, Lucy Bendle and Emma Joyeux (1:02:47) and Jackie Nicholls, Sarah Watson and Joanne Todd (1:03:59).

The men also had five teams running, with Mark Robinson, Peter Commane, Michael Joyeux and Nick Watson finishing in 54:07, followed by David Aiken, Ewan Henderson, Patrick Robson and Rob Dent (58:50), Paul Roberts, Brian Martin, Matt Capsey and Dave McClachlan (59:51), Mark Tallon, Darren Stockdale, Ian Hammond and Andrew Vernon (1:00:59) and Chris Minto, Michael Kay, Darren Wright and James Simpson (1:06:02).

The latest Hardmoors event took place on Saturday, this time the 60 miles edition along the coast from Guisborough to Filey. Competitors had 18 hours to complete the course, which all four Quakers who took part managed to achieve. Wendy Colling and Anthony Corbett both finished in 15 hours 42 minutes, Roy Macdougall in 16 hours 56 minutes and Emily Beaumont in 17 hours 10 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Nick Mason finished at South Park in 19:07, followed by Richard Coulson (20:00), Mark Robinson (20:19), Steve Mcallister (21:31), Ewan Henderson (21:45), Zoe Rothery (22:02), Peter Rowley (22:24), David Mclachlan (23:35), Rebecca Howard (23:39), Neil Harrington (23:40), Darryn Wood (25:16), Andrew Vernon (25:27), Sarah Watson (25:35), Pamela Barrass (26:23), Julie Whinn (26:48), Martin Rowell (26:55), Rebecca Bowes (27:00), David Aiken (27:05), Wendy Noble (27:27), Michael Joyeux (28:03), Lee Morris (29:06), Rob Gillham (29:16), Michael King (29:40), Adrian Dent (36:17), Linda Harrington (37:08), Lucy Bendle (38:32), Charlotte Jones (40:44) and Gary Read (40:46).

Over at Sedgefield, Dave Thompson completed the course in 22:39 along with Paul Roberts (22:45), Richard Payne (24:59), Sandra Cass   (26:27), Abbie Hull (26:36), Nicola Howe (28:03) and Diane Adkins (33:37), while at Tees Barrage, Paul Keedy ran there in 22:00, with Paul Dunn (24:40), John Brant (25:53), Michelle Boshier (30:10) and Lewis Boshier (30:10).

At the Druridge Bay run, Paul and Jeanette Appleton finished in 25:14 and 28:21 respectively while Paul Dalton did the Stewart Park event in 17:34. Steven Moore finished Albert Park in 19:45, Colin Wild ran at Hackworth in 23:54, while up in Durham Alan Prest completed the course in 32:18.

A who's who of cross country runners - the women's and men's teams at the Thirsk relay event. A who’s who of cross country runners – the women’s and men’s teams at the Thirsk relay event.