Press Report w/e 14/09/2014

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Press Reports

It was passports at the ready last week as several people headed out on the annual club trip, this year to Belgium. There were a variety of races on offer – a marathon, half marathon and a 7k, as well as some of the most bizarre post-race goody bag items ever; namely jars of apple sauce, various household cleaning products, Pritt-Stick, and for one lucky Quaker a year’s supply of toilet roll.

The marathon event started at Nieuwpoort and finished with the runners coming through the Menin Gate at Ypres. Brian Martin was first to finish in 3:15:56 (and third in his age category) followed by Dave Whittle (3:48:04), Dave McLachlan (3:54:31), Steve Padgett (4:07:55), Wendy Colling (4:10:58), Mark Colling (4:28:23), Billy Harris (4:32:04), Roy McDougall (4:43:23, a PB despite having not slept on the Friday night!), Jamie Burn (5:00:31), Kevin Simpson (5:28:18), Sandra Martin (5:28:19) and Gillian Harris (5:49:06). An honourable mention must also go to Leigh Padgett who provided back-up support to the marathon runners on her bike, despite the fact she got a puncture halfway round!

The other two events took place in Nieuwpoort itself. Over the half marathon distance, Rob Dent finished in 1:33:28 (and fifth in his age category), followed by Chris Minto (1:43:45), Graham Park (1:44:52), Ty Hankinson (1:44:56), Kevin Scott (1:58:00), Jeff Marriott (1:58:39), John McGovern (2:04:21), Alan Prest (2:37:51) and Adrian Dent (2:57:13).

In the 7k distance, Dave Todd finished in 30:40 along with Louise Trainor (31:00 and the first female finisher), Jez Smith (35:31), Rob McSherry (37:17), Sue New (38:39), Damian Wynne (40:04), Daniel Crane (41:20), James Simpson (43:21), Terri Hankinson (50:17), Mike Horan (52:15) and Mark Dean (1:05:25).

Closer to the home, there were two 10K trail races in the region. At the Wynyard race, Gary Read completed the course in 49:24 along with Richard Payne in 56:48, while at the Coxhoe race, Danny Gordon finished in 51:05 and Siobhan Waddell in 1:07:45

In the Saturday morning parkruns Michael Joyeux finished in 17:07, followed by Dale Chapman (19:07), Michael Kay (19:36), Richard Coulson (21:25), Stephen Deighton (21:59), Zoe Rothery (22:10), Steve Mcallister (22:30), Rebecca Howard (23:02), Gary Read (23:03), Mark Blewitt (23:46), Lesley Miller (24:04), Sarah Watson (24:39), John Brant (24:54), Rebecca Bowes (26:47), Hannah Robinson (27:15), Sarah Deighton (28:43), Michelle Boshier (28:44), Lee Morris (28:53), Michael King (29:36), Ian Stephenson (32:50), Charlotte Jones (39:34), Emma Joyeux (39:35) and Martin Rowell (40:12).

Over at Sedgefield, Paul Roberts finished in 22:18 along with Anthony Corbett (23:55), April Corbett (24:38), Sandra Cass (27:05), Julie Whinn (27:29), Nigel Walker (28:48), Sally Singleton (28:50), Gill Colling (28:59), Emily Mann (29:26), Diane Adkins (34:24), Richard Payne (35:26) and Jill Wallis (41:06).

At Tees Barrage Paul Dalton completed the course there in 17:52, along with Paul Appleton (25:19) and Jeanette Appleton (28:14) while at Albert Park Steven Moore ran there in 19:49. Across the water Darren Stockdale completed the St Anne’s parkrun in Dublin in 20:45.

“The Belgian Brigade” – as is becoming tradition on the club trip, the final Quaker finishes with an escort to the line. Adrian Dent is joined by fellow runners at the end of the half marathon