Press Report w/e 28/09/2014

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Press Reports

Points made prizes last weekend with both 10K league races and club championship events taking place in the region.

At the Snape 10k on Saturday, Quakers had two of the top three, with Michael Joyeux finishing second overall in 35:45, while Paul Dalton was third in 37:04. Also running were Colin Wild (40:58), Rob Gillham (45:25), Mark Colling (48:17), Rebecca Howard (49:13), Anthony Corbett (50:05), April Corbett (50:18), Richard Payne (50:53), Wendy Colling (50:55), Julie Whinn (56:33), Nigel Walker (59:39), Sally Singleton (59:47), James Simpson (1:00:32) and Alan Prest (1:04:30). Meanwhile in the 5K race, Lewis and Michelle Boshier both finished together in 32:34.

The following day saw the Redcar Half marathon where the flat course and (for once) nice conditions meant plenty of runners set new personal bests. First home of the 37 runners was Paul Dalton in 1:25:21 followed by Nick Mason (1:27:01), Stephen Moore (1:30:03, PB), Mark Robinson (1:30:45), Dale Chapman (1:31:57), Gary Read (1:33:34, PB), Ian Readman (1:34:05, PB), Rob Gillham (1:36:08), David McLachlan (1:37:46), Paul Keedy (1:38:08, PB), Ty Hankinson (1:40:00, PB), Peter Dods (1:40:47), Zoe Rothery  (1:41:16), Andrew Walker (1:41:38), Stephen McAllister (1:42:32), Stephen Padgett (1:44:17), Neil Harrington (1:44:30), David Aiken (1:44:56, PB), Paul Roberts (1:45:33), Daniel Gordon (1:47:20), Stephen Ash (1:47:27), Sarah Watson (1:51:18), Paul Appleton (1:53:49), Kevin Scott (1:54:42), Jessica Campbell (1:54:51), Jeff Marriott (1:55:24), Steven Johnston (1:55:45, PB), Neil Scollick (1:57:10), Michelle Boshier (1:58:33), Peter Rowley (1:59:40), Clare Stradling (2:03:40), Alec Cinamon (2:07:01), Jeanette Appleton (2:09:28), Matt Jackson (2:10:01), Wendy Noble (2:12:43), Claire Norman (2:20:47) and Paul Dunn (3:18:40).

Further down south, in the Midlands, Katherine Hackett ran the Robin Hood half marathon in Nottingham in 1:30:43.

At Sheffield, Janette Croft was the sole Quaker at the Great Yorkshire 10K, completing the course in 57:31.

Nearer to home at Sutton Park, Dave Todd and Louise Trainor both completed the 10K race there, with Louise also claiming the prize for first female finisher.

David Thompson and Annette Clarke headed out onto the hills again, this time for the Four Lakeland Passes event in the Lake District which covered Styhead, Black Sail, Scarth Gap and Honister passes. Covering 18 miles and a climb of 5,400 feet, the pair both finished in 5 hours and 6 minutes.

Also in the Lake District was Abbie Hull, who completed the RAB Mountain Marathon. Covering 32 miles and 4,500 feet of climb in the Lake District, she completed the course in 10 hours and 57 minutes (made all the more impressive by the fact she didn’t get lost!)

In The Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton finished at South Park in 18:26, followed by Peter Commane (18:51), Dawn Richardson (19:16), Richard Coulson (20:40), Phil Rutter (21:37), Ewan Henderson (21:44), Steve Mcallister (21:50), Dale Chapman (22:56), Ian Bond (23:35), Martin Rowell (24:50), Anthony Corbett (24:59), Mark Blewitt (25:42), Ian Hammond (26:38), Lee Morris (28:12), Gill Colling (28:21), Michael King (29:10), Clair Bage (29:23), Diane Adkins (31:49), Emma Joyeux (32:35), David Aiken (34:11), Adrian Dent (36:33) and Sarah Watson (41:20).

At Sedgefield, Brian Martin and Paul Roberts finished in 19:56 and 23:19 respectively while at Albert Park, Stephen Moore completed the course there in 19:50.

This week’s tourists included Dave Todd who ran at Carlisle in 22:58, John Brant who ran at Hull in 24:44 and Andrew Vernon who completed the Bryn Bach run in Wales in 19:38.

Steven Johnston and Jeff Marriott looking far too happy for a Sunday morning in Redcar! Steven Johnston and Jeff Marriott looking far too happy for a Sunday morning in Redcar!