Press Report w/e 07/09/2014

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Press Reports

While many runners didn’t have far to travel last week, three ended up all the way over in the Alps for one of the toughest endurance races on the calendar.

Dave Thompson, Annette Clarke and Charlie Bogg attempted possibly their most difficult challenge yet, the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France. The route took in 105 miles over a mind-numbing 32,000 feet of climb. A third of the 2,300 runners failed to finish, however our trio were not among them, with Dave finishing in 43 hours 36 minutes, Annette in 44 hours 55 minutes and Charlie in 45 hours 21 minutes.

Much closer to home, the biggest race in the region took place at the weekend and several Quakers made the short journey to Newcastle to complete in this year’s Great North Run. First home for the club over the 13.1 mile distance was Paul Dalton in 1:16:57 (PB), followed by Michael Parry (1:21:15), Colin Wild (1:28:37), Mark Robinson (1:30:06), Stephen Moore (1:31:06, PB), Rob Gillham (1:36:19), Gary Read (1:36:53), Dale Chapman (1:38:04), Darren Stockdale (1:38:48), John Edgar (1:41:29), Zoe Rothery (1:43:03), Katie Barker (1:43:04), Stephen Mcallister (1:44:07), Marta Rybarczyk (1:46:27), Neil Harrington (1:49:33), Zoey Johnson-Urwin (1:54:15), Bridget Stewart (1:54:34, PB), Michael Oliver (1:54:41), Kevin Scott (1:59:35), Paul Appleton (2:03:11), Matthew Hall (2:08:58), Jeanette Appleton (2:09:39), Alec Cinamon (2:19:58), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (2:20:25), Ian Young (2:20:41), Wendy Noble (2:20:53), Claire Norman (2:25:52), Martin Rowell (2:31:38), Carol Penney (2:36:37), Stephen Ash (2:46:23) and Michael King (2:52:13). Meanwhile, Linda Harrington completed the 5K event the previous day in 37:19.

Down at the Tholthorpe 10K near York, Louise Trainor finished in 44:15, along with Paul Keedy (44:38), Graham Park (47:04), Peter Rowley (48:14), Wendy Colling (48:29), Mark Colling (49:19), Michelle Boshier (54:11), Sue New (55:53), James  Simpson (1:00:30) and Alan Prest (1:05:36).

Midweek saw the latest club championship race, the Autumn Coast Road 5K at Redcar. Rob Dent was first to finish in 19:17, just ahead of Dale Chapman (19:18), and followed by Gary Read (20:31), Chris Minto (20:54), Phil Rutter (21:25), Ty Hankinson (22:16), Danny Gordon (24:31) and Diane Adkins (30:52).

At the Derwentwater Trail Challenge in Keswick, Katherine Hackett completed the 15km course in 1:16:26, along with Anthony Corbett (1:29:30), April Corbett (1:38:20), Sandra Cass (1:38:21) and Kate Schweizer (1:46:53)

The previous week had seen the Ultra Princess Challenge, a 31 mile circular, taking in Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar and Cloughton. Anthony Corbett finished in 6:01, then Wendy Colling (6:15), Mark Colling (6:49) and April Corbett & Sandra Cass (6:50).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Phil Rutter finished Darlington in 21:13, along with David Todd (22:23), Danny Gordon (23:35), Rebecca Howard (24:05), Mark Blewitt (24:50), Pamela Barrass (26:21), Steve Mcallister (26:25), Gary Read (26:35), Rebecca Bowes (27:53), James Simpson (28:16), Sally Singleton (28:31), Michael King (29:52), Lee Morris (30:03), Adrian Dent (34:25).

Over at Sedgefield, Paul Roberts completed the course there in 22:12, followed by Wendy Colling (23:57), Mark Colling (24:05), Richard Payne (25:14), Julie Jefferies (26:08), Julie Whinn (27:55), Diane Adkins (35:16) and Jill Wallis (38:49), while at Albert Park Michael Joyeux and Stephen Moore ran 17:45 and 19:55 respectively.

A determined-looking Louise Trainor hunting down Peter Rowley and Graham Park at the Tholthorpe 10K A determined-looking Louise Trainor hunting down Peter Rowley and Graham Park at the Tholthorpe 10K