Press Report w/e 06/07/2014

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Press Reports

It was a case of going round the bend for most runners last week, or at least it was for those who turned up for the latest league race, the Pitstop 10K at Croft Circuit.

Despite the wind, the flat conditions gave an excellent chance for some PB’s. First home for the club around the ever delightful three lap course was Paul Dalton in 36:33, followed by Nick Mason (39:36), Brian Martin (40:15), Rob Dent (40:42), Dale Chapman (41:12), Michael Kay (41:25, PB), Mark Robinson (41:46), David McLachlan (43:11), Rob Gillham (43:30), Gary Read (43:34, PB), Paul Keedy (44:04, PB), Chris Minto (44:46), Paul Roberts (45:02), Phil Rutter (45:30), Sharon Carbert (46:05), Stephen Mcallister (46:43), Michael Oliver (47:33), Paul Jefferies (48:09), April Corbett (48:48, PB), Danny Gordon (49:18), Jessica Campbell (49:23), Lesley Millar (50:00, PB), Peter Cartwright (50:15), Neil Harrington (50:53), Julie Jefferies (51:57), Bridget Stewart (52:09), Sarah Watson (52:56), Nigel Walker (53:01), Stephen Johnston (53:09), Colin Cartwright (53:12), David Hood (53:28), Paul Hutchinson (54:08), Ian Young (54:19), Darryn Wood (55:16), Pamela Barrass (55:32), Alec Cinamon (55:42), Colin Smith (56:38), Sandra Martin (57:11), Gillian Harris (58:08), Catherine Shield (58:55), Lucy Benette (1:00:30), Siobhaan Waddell (1:07:18), Louise Mccann (1:07:18) and Adrian Dent (1:17:26).

For those who fancied something a bit more undulating there was also the 10K race at Hamsterley Forest. Ian Readman completed the hilly course in 42:35, followed by Stephen Moore (45:24), Rob Gillham (46:58), Gary Read (47:30), Mark Colling (48:37), Ainara Howard (49:27), Kirstin Himsworth (50:09), Wendy Colling (51:17), Jessica Campbell (51:37), Clare Stradling (57:41), Rob Marquiss (57:41) and Julie Remmer (1:16:04).

Over on Merseyside Nick Mason did the Southport half marathon in 1:27:09, with Dawn Richardson finishing just behind in 1:27:25. One week earlier, Nick also completed the Wakefield half marathon, where he finished fourth overall in 1:28:26.

The latest NYSD Track event also took place last week. Michael Joyeux was the sole Quaker in attendance, running the 5,000m in 16:36.

The previous week had seen the 25th Durham Dales Challenge, with runners given the option of either a 16 or 30 mile route. Steve Snook completed the 16 mile route in 2 hours 34 minutes, along with Michelle Boshier (4:10), Lewis Boshier (4:10), Claire Norman (4:10), Michael Watson (4:10), Nick Watson (4:11) and Anne Bartram (4:11). Over the 30 mile distance Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson finished in 6 hours 18 minutes, with Anthony Corbett, April Corbett, Sandra Cass, Nicola Howe and Wendy Colling all finishing together in 7:36.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Joyeux was first across the line at South Park in 17:43, followed by Michael Kay (19:51), Phil Rutter (21:37), Zoe Rothery (22:19), Peter Rowley (22:52), Ewan Henderson (23:15), John Brant (26:45), Hannah Robinson (27:56), Lewis Boshier (28:09), Michelle Boshier (28:11), Claire Norman (29:27), Michael King (29:35), Grainne Duffy (29:59), Duncan O’neil (30:00), Lucy Bendle (35:11), Adrian Dent (38:19) and Emma Whitworth (41:36).

At Sedgefield Dale Chapman finished in 20:26, along with Paul Roberts (23:32), Gary Read (23:53), Mark Colling (23:56), Wendy Colling (24:14), Sarah Watson (26:31) and Bev Snook (26:46), while over at Tees Barrage Paul and Jeanette Appleton ran there in 26:06 and 27:52 respectively.

In Durham, Paul Dalton completed the run there in 17:53 along with Dave Thompson in 22:12, while at Hackworth Brian Martin finished in 20:21, followed by Steven Johnston in 26:05. Over at Albert Park, Stephen Moore recorded 21:07, with Anthony and April Corbett finishing in 22:27 and 23:24 respectively.

Some of the Durham Dales crew enjoying some well earned refreshments after the race! Some of the Durham Dales crew enjoying some well earned refreshments after the race!