Press Report w/e 13/07/2014

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Press Reports

In what was a fairly quiet week of running action, most Quakers headed to Newcastle, with some doing the double as far as races were concerned.

The sole 10K race in the region was the Great North 10k. Michael Joyeux was first home for the club in 34:25, followed by Paul Dalton (36:03), Dale Chapman (41:21), Gary Read (44:29), Jessica Campbell (48:48), Michael Watson (49:12), Lesley Miller (52:59) and Michael King (1:06:18).

For those that fancied a second trip up to Tyneside, there was also the Bridges of the Tyne 5 mile race, where Michael Joyeux finished in 27:25, along with Paul Dalton (29:01), Colin Wild (32:29), Diane Vaughan (36:29) and Daniel Crane (44:20).

Down in North Yorkshire, at the Kilburn Feast race, Michael Oliver covered the 7 mile distance in 57:52, along with April Corbett (1:01:31), Stephen Padgett (1:02:10), Julie Jefferies (1:03:59), Paul Jefferies (1:06:06), Leigh Padgett (1:12:16) and Emma Whitworth (1:22:13).

Peter Rowley was the sole Quaker at the Eccup 10 mile race near Leeds finishing in 1:25:22, while up on the hills Ian Bond completed the 6.1 miles of the Carlton Midsummer Meander in 43.47.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Ewan Henderson was first home at South Park in 20:33, followed by David Mclachlan (21:12), Steve Mcallister (21:39), Zoe Rothery (21:45), Peter Rowley (23:18), Danny Gordon (24:19), Billy Harris (  24:47), Dale Chapman (25:19), Michael Baker (25:53), John Brant (26:10), Sarah Watson (26:42), Nick Wadd (27:46), Emma Whitworth (29:28), Michael Joyeux (29:29), Rob Gillham (31:21), Michael King (31:37) and Gary Read (36:44).

At Sedgefield, Paul Roberts finished in 24:10, along with Lucy Bendle in 30:20, while at Tees Barrage, Paul and Jeanette Appleton ran in 27:57 and 28:11 respectively. Over at Hartlepool, Rob Dent finished in 19:28 along with Adrian Dent in 36:19. Steven Johnston ran at Hackworth in 26:23, Stephen Moore did Albert Park in 21:27, while Duncan O’Neil completed the run at Cardiff in 28:17.

John Brant does his best Blues Brothers impression while running at South Park John Brant does his best Blues Brothers impression while running at South Park