Press Report w/e 15/06/2014

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Press Reports

Most Quakers didn’t have far to travel last week, as the latest league and championship race happened to be virtually on the doorstep.

There was a bumper turnout at Aycliffe which saw over 40 members turn up (despite a late night for some due to the football). Paul Dalton was first home for the club in exactly 37 minutes, followed by Nick Mason (39:16), Brian Martin (39:51), Dale Chapman (40:35, PB), Dawn Richardson (40:36 and the first female to finish), Rob Dent (40:45), Mark Robinson (40:54), Ian Readman (42:03), Michael Kay (42:05), Stephen Moore (43:18), Rob Gillham (43:25), David Mclachlan (43:30), Chris Minto (43:57), Paul Keedy (44:53), Gary Read (45:24), Paul Roberts (45:26), Michael Oliver (46:42), Daniel Gordon (47:39 and first in his age category), Stephen McAlister (47:53), Neil Harrington (47:53), Peter Rowley (48:08), Jessica Campbell (48:48, PB), Paul Jefferies (49:03), Jeff Marriott (49:47), Paul Hutchinson (51:52), John Brant (52:05), Julie Jefferies (52:08, and not only first in her age category, but setting a new club record for her age group), Jamie Burn (52:17), Michael Robinson (52:48), Steven Johnston (53:31), David Hood (53:32), Martin Rowell (54:10), Nigel Walker (54:10), Pamela Barrass (54:43), Colin Smith (55:36), Sandra Martin (55:56), Alec Cinnamon (56:37), Sally Singleton (57:23), Kevin Simpson (59:52), Alan Prest (1:02:39), James Simpson (1:04:51), Sara Kingdon (1:07:16), Rachel Million (1:07:16) and Julie Remmer (1:11:10).

With last Monday being the 9th of June, that meant only one thing for some runners – a trip to the Blaydon Race. First to finish for the club over the unique 5.7 mile distance was Paul Dalton in 33:19, followed by Colin Wild (36:40), Richard Hughes (40:27), Diane Vaughan (40:50), Chris Minto (40:56), Timothy Francis (41:46), Neil Harrington (43:08), Joanne Todd (48:25), Elaine Cooper (48:38) and Joanne Dewar (54:22).

Midweek saw Nick Mason complete the 10 mile race in Otley in 1:12:48, while at the weekend Ian Stephenson did the Durham Coast half marathon in 2:05:03.

Those runners who fancied something a bit more hardcore headed to Swaledale to complete the marathon event. Abbie Hull was first home for the club in 4 hours 49 minutes, followed by April Corbett (4:53), Anthony Corbett (5:02), Wendy Colling (5:06), Glyn Casswell (5:09), Sandra Cass (5:47), Nicola Howe (5:47), Richard Payne (6:11) and Diane Adkins (6:38).

At the Hardmoors Rosedale trail event, Mark Colling completed the 10k distance in 1:04:19, while Anthony and April Corbett, running for the second day in succession, did the half marathon event, finishing together in 2:50:55.

The trio of Annette Clarke, Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson were to be found in Cumbria last weekend, this time doing the almost mystical-sounding Three Rings of Shap. Once again the three finished together, completing the 42 miles in 11 hours 19 minutes.

In the Saturday morning Parkruns, Nick Mason was first home at South Park in 19:02, followed by Steve Snook (20:22), Rob Gillham (20:56), Steve Mcallister (21:57), Zoe Rothery (22:07), Darryn Wood (22:50), Sue Woodcock (24:38), Gary Read (25:23), Lyn Hatch (26:16), Jeff Marriott (26:17), Bev Snook (26:18), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (26:54), Nick Wadd (27:37), Lewis Boshier (28:14), Duncan O’neil (29:51), Michael King (30:25), Anne Bartram (33:40), Adrian Dent (38:08) and Michelle Boshier (41:15).

Over at Sedgefield, Paul Roberts completed the course in 22:20 along with Julie Whinn (27:15), Emily Mann (29:31) and Jill Wallis (39:54) while at Tees Barrage Paul and Jeanette Appleton finished in 24:30 and 28:24 respectively.

Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 20:29, followed by Gill Colling (25:52, PB) and Mark Colling (25:53) while Peter Rowley headed down to Leeds, finishing the run there in 22:58.

At South Park, Jeff Marriott and Gary Read realise too late they've been caught on camera again. At South Park, Jeff Marriott and Gary Read realise too late they’ve been caught on camera again.