July 2011: Lucy Jefferies

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Member Spotlights

How did you get into running and why?

My mum and brother already ran and I took it up to lose weight. I started to run the race for life in memory of my grandad. My first race for life was just under 30 minutes and I was thrilled with this.

What kept you going when you first started running?

I set a goal to beat my mums race for life time and it took my five years and the lose of 2 stone to beat the time. Running with grandads name on my back was the best motivator.

Tell us about some of the races that you’ve done in the past?

Since joining the running club I have taken part in a fair number of races, such as; the nysd cross country, the great north run, the tees pride, the durham dales challenge, fell runs and a aquathalon.

How much training do you typically do?

I train 4 times a week. Hilly runs around Gainford and off road runs around the river. I try to get to the club as much as I can but working shifts sometimes gets in the way. I also have a horse which I ride most days but he does most of the work while I just sit back!

Be honest do you enjoy training?

I don’t like the thought of training but once I am out there I enjoy it.

What’s your current running aims?

I have a few. To do a sub 20 minutes 5k and a sub 42 10k race. I also want to take part in more long distance fell runs.

What’s your favourite race/distance/terrain?

The cross country races were they are short, muddy, hilly and gruesome.

What race performance are you most proud of?

My first Great North Run. I wanted under 2hours but missed it by 50seconds. But didn’t care because I had finished with the support of my family and friends.

What race would you have to be forced to do at gunpoint?

The three laps around the pitstop!!

What’s your idea of running heaven?

A long steady run around the river with my brother in the warm weather.

What’s your idea of running hell?

Sticking to the tarmac on a long run.

Any advice to newcomers?

Make a realistic goal and when you reach it set another goal. Also having a running partner helps.

What do you think is the best route in to racing for newcomers?

The club championship is a way in to lots of different types of races.

You’ve done a lot of different, varied races what’s your favourite type of race?

I really enjoy the fell races because you never know what to expect round the corner.

Best way to relax/reward yourself after a race?

A big slice of cake and then to sit back in the car and have a snooze while my dad or Steve Snook drives me home!

What is the best part of the club in your opinion?

The friendly atmosphere and the support and encourgament off club coachs.

Apple, Water, Banana or Mars bar in your ideal goodie bag?

A bottle of water to wash down the mars bar!