Press Report: 14th January 2014

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Press Reports

Hartlepool played host to the latest event in the NYSD Cross Country season.  In the ladies event, Lucy Jefferies ran well in the cold and muddy conditions to finish third in her age group with 18:49, followed by Nic Hollindale in 22:17 and Bev Snook in 26:08.  In the men’s event, Dean Newton finished first in his age group and third overall in 32:17, ahead of Michal Ondrej in 36:01, Michael Kay in 43:16 and Graham Park in 44:12.  Close behind Graham, Mark Tallon finished in 44:18, with Rob McSherry recording 45:49 and Darren Stockdale keeping ahead of Mark Colling who recorded 46:15 and 46:22 respectively.  Daniel Crane completed the 3 lap route in 54:11, whilst Danny Gordon finished third in his age group with 23:11.

In the Gerry Kearsley Memorial Handicap race at Sedgefield, Wendy Colling, Nicola Howe and Julie Whinn completed the 10k route in 52:50, 57:03 and 57:10.

Louise Trainor travelled to Preston to take part in the Central Lancashire Half Marathon on the 5th January, completing the 13.1 miles in 1:35:37, whilst on the evening of the 11th, Charlie Bogg, Annette Clarke and Dave Thompson completed a torch lit trail half marathon around Clay Bank in 3:28.

In local park runs, Lucy Jefferies was first lady home at Sedgefield in 20:29 followed by Mark Colling (23:29), Dave Thompson (24:03), Wendy Colling (24:05), Nicola Howe (26:23),April Corbett (26:33), Anthony Corbett (26:34), Gill Colling (setting a new 5k personal best of 29:50), Diane Adkins (31:32), Emily Mann (32:34), Julie Whinn (37:17), Jill Wallis (38:00), Janet Bowlby (42:04) and Sandra Cass (42:06).  At Tees Barrage, Darren Stockdale recorded 21:40 with Paul Dunn finishing in 25:31 and Paul and Jeanette Appleton 25:40 and 29:02 respectively.  Colin Wild and Steven Moore completed the Hackworth and Albert Park runs in 21:52 and 20:19, whilst Ty Hankinson ran the Roundhay event in 23:51.  At Darlington, Paul Dalton and Michael Joyeux were first and second finishers in 17:24 and 17:25, followed by Peter Commane (18:54), Nick Mason (19:08), David Todd (20:10), Ewan Henderson (21:00), Michael Kay (21:25), Mark Robinson (21:30), Louise Trainor (22:06), Peter Rowley (22:41), Brian Martin and Rob Gillham (23:32), Neil Harrington (23:33), Nic Hollindale (23:53), Tim Francis (24:34), Steve McAllister (24:36), Ingrid Gunning (24:41), Jeff Marriott (25:36), Gillian Harris (25:55), Matt Jackson (26:23), Billy Harris (26:40), Sandra Martin (28:00), Stephanie Deighton (25:55), Sally Singleton (29:27), Darryn Wood (30:01), Michael; King (31:13), Aiden Robertson (31:22), Wendy Noble (31:32), Emma Whitworth (31:36), Hazel Commane (36:27), Charlotte Jones (41:55) and Paul Roberts (42:29)