Press Report w/e 05/10/2014

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Press Reports

There was a wide spread of black and white vests last week, with runners covering just about every distance and terrain.

At the Kielder marathon, no bus was needed for the two Quakers running there, with Steve Snook completing the 26.2 mile course in 3:55:06 along with Ian Stephenson in 5:00:46.

Meanwhile down in Derbyshire, Graham Park ran the Tissington half marathon in 1:38:36.

The next event in the cross country season took place on Sunday, with the first of the individual races at Acklam. The ladies event, which also included the under 17 boys and the over 65 men, was run over approximately 6K. Ewan Henderson covered the distance in 24:42, followed by Rebecca Howard (27:16), Wendy Colling (27:32), Lesley Miller (28:54), Sarah Watson (28:59), Danny Gordon (29:07), Abbie Hull (29:25), Michelle Boshier (30:35), Lyndsey Hannah (32:40), Hannah Robinson (33:06) and Clare Norman (33:26).

In the men’s event which was run over approximately 10K, Michael Joyeux finished in 38:39, along with Michael Parry (40:49), Nick Watson (42:15), Peter Commane (42:43), Brian Martin (43:30, and first in his age category), Michael Kay (43:46), Andrew Vernon (44:53), Mark Robinson (45:01), Rob Dent (45:22), Mark Tallon (47:13), David Todd (48:11), Darren Stockdale (48:20), Gary Read  (48:26), David McLachlan (49:44), Paul Roberts (49:46), David Aiken (51:32), Mark Colling (53:58), Gavin Armstrong (54:33), Simon Rek (54:45), Billy Harris (57:01) and Steven Johnston (57:19).

At the Foston and Thornton-le-Clay 10K race in North Yorkshire, Katherine Hackett completed the course in 41.26 (and second female finisher), along with Louise Trainor (43.35) and Peter Rowley (48.26).

Over in the Lake District, Kate Schweizer and Emily Beaumont both completed the Coniston Trail Challenge 15km race in 1:48:18 and 1:50:47 respectively, with Kate also doubling up for the Lakeland Trails 10km the same weekend, finishing in 1:14:38.

An honourable mention must go to the runners who ran at the fancy dress “Nun Run” event at South Park, who included Lewis Boshier, Michelle Boshier and James Simpson. Paul Dalton was first to cross the line, no doubt helped by his total lack of a nun costume!

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton finished at South Park in 17:46, followed by Dawn Richardson (19:01), Richard Coulson (20:36), David Todd (21:22), Zoe Rothery (22:12), Peter Rowley (23:03), Danny Gordon (23:35), Dale Chapman (23:56), Gary Read (24:03), Darryn Wood (25:01), David Matthewson (25:01), Mark Blewitt (25:03), Pamela Barrass (26:03), David Aiken (26:37), Sally Singleton (28:40), Michael King (29:26), Wendy Noble (39:17) and James Simpson (40:28).

At Sedgefield, Phil Rutter completed the course in 22:50, along with Paul Roberts (23:12), April Corbett (25:01), Wendy Colling (27:01), Mark Colling (27:42), Anthony Corbett (27:42), Abbie Hull (27:43), Sandra Cass (30:51), Nicola Howe (31:28) and Jill Wallis (35:00).

At Albert Park, Stephen Moore and Steve McAllister finished in 20:28 and 21:05 respectively, while at the Riverside parkrun, Andrew Vernon and Sarah Watson both finished together in 25:22.

Paul Roberts chasing down David Aiken at the Acklam Cross Country race. Paul Roberts chasing down David Aiken at the Acklam Cross Country race.